Men's Wedding Bands He Can't Say No To [2017]

Author Brianna Walsh
Date Feb 15, 2021

men's wedding bands

Tying the knot? If you answered yes then you're probably starting your search for the perfect wedding bands. Whether you are the bride or groom, you both want a wedding band that represents your unique and personal style. For a long time many men would choose a standard plain wedding band, and while that is still a really popular choice, it may not be for everyone. Nowadays there are more men's wedding band styles than ever so you are sure to find exactly what you or your guy has been looking for.

More and more guys are opting for a more unique wedding band. Women have always had endless styles to choose from but now it's the guys turn to have some fun with their bands. For some guys, this could be his first significant piece of jewelry, so the decision can be tough! To help narrow down the selection, here are the top men's wedding band styles that are trending for 2017:

1. Classic & Timeless Bands

ritani palladium satin finish band diana 14k yellow gold low dome band with milgrain

Rings featured: Ritani Palladium 7mm Satin Finish Band ($1,980), Diana 14K Yellow Gold 4mm Low Dome Band with Milgrain ($340)

As mentioned before, a classic, plain band has been one of the most popular styles for years. If you have more of a simple, understated style this choice is definitely for you. Classic bands will never go out of style and will look just as good 20 years from now as they did on your wedding day.

2. Bands with Diamonds

Ritani palladium 7mm satin finish band with diamondsDiana 14k white gold 6mm bezel set diamond wedding band

Rings featured: Ritani Palladium 7mm Satin Finish Band with Diamonds($1,060), Diana 14K White Gold 6mm Bezel Set Diamond Wedding Band ($1,450)

Men may want a little sparkle on their wedding bands too! Diamonds on a man's wedding band is an emerging trend that we are hearing about more and more. Men's diamond wedding bands are perfect for the guy who has a more flashy sense of style. What's great about these rings is the diamond accents play only a small part in the overall look of the band. Your band will still have a masculine look, just with a little added bling.

3. One-Of-A-Kind Bands

Chris Ploof 14k rose & 14k white gold, palladium & silver band Chris Ploof 18k yellow gold & stainless steel shotgun barrel band

Rings featured: Chris Ploof 14K Rose & 14K White Gold, Palladium & Silver 7mm Band($2,530), Chris Ploof 18K Yellow Gold & Stainless Steel Shotgun Barrel 7mm band ($2,270)

We are excited to announce the addition of designer Chris Ploof to Long's collection of wedding bands! Chris Ploof believes in creating unique and special rings that celebrate the importance of the union of two people. As you can see above, his rings have a serious cool-factor. The funky designs you see on the bands are created by materials and techniques you won't see used by most other designers. From stainless Damascus steel, to meteorite material & more, Chris Ploof takes inspiration for his designs from his global travel. If you want a band that is truly one-of-a-kind, choosing a Chris Ploof band is the way to go.

4. Mixed Metal Bands

Furrer-Jacot 18k white & rose gold carbon fiber 8mm band Diana 14k two-tone 7mm dome comfort fit band

Rings featured: Furrer-Jacot 18K White & Rose Gold Carbon Fiber 8mm Band ($2,230), Diana 14K Two-Tone 7mm Dome Comfort Fit Band ($1,215)

It's no surprise that mixing metals are a top pick in men's wedding bands as it has been a really popular trend in women's rings for a while now! A mixed metal band is the perfect way to show off your unique taste. Mixed metal bands are available in many different styles, patterns and metal combinations, so you can create your own personalized look.

5. Bands with Unique Details

diana palladium hammered band with milgrainGFB01906_2048x2048.jpg

Rings featured: Diana Palladium 7mm Hammered Band with Milgrain ($1,095), Diana 14K White Gold 6.5mm Celtic Knot Band ($1,155)

If you really want to stand out and have a wedding band like no other guy in your group,choose a band with unique details like the ones shown above. The intricate detailing and craftsmanship on these rings is something to be appreciated and admired. These bands are eye catching and can perfectly represent your unique personal style.

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6. Carbon Fiber Bands

furrer-jacot palladium & carbon fiber bandfurrer-jacot palladium & carbon notched band

Rings featured: Furrer-Jacot Palladium & Carbon Fiber 9mm Band ($1,610),Furrer-Jacot Palladium & Carbon 8mm Notched Band ($1,700)

Mixing precious metal with an inlay of black Carbon Fiber gives a bold, modern and unique look to any wedding band. If you are seriously considering a band with Carbon Fiber we suggest getting only an inlay (or a stripe) of Carbon Fiber within a ring made of a precious metal so that you able to resize your ring in the future!

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