Your Day, Your Way: How To Personalize Your Food & Beverage Experience

Author Sam Hussey
Date Feb 15, 2021

Your Day, Your Way: Personalizing Wedding Food & Beverage Experience

Not only is your wedding reception a celebration of your love and marriage, it is also your first official appearance as husband and wife! This night is all about you and your one-of-a kind love, and as such the event should reflect your wedding story.

We know the last thing you want is to have the exact same Boston wedding as all your friends, and personalizing your food and beverage experience is a great way for you to give your reception that extra personal touch (without much extra work!).

There are countless ways to tailor the food and beverage element of your wedding both in and out of the kitchen. Create an extraordinarily customized reception by putting a unique spin on both presentation, food, and beverage options with these tips from local Boston/Cambridge wedding expert Hotel Marlowe:

1) Infuse Your Food With Personality

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You want your wedding reception to unfold with a grace, beauty, and style that reflects your personalities. The type of food you choose to serve has a huge impact on the style and feel of the event. Cocktail hour provides the best opportunity for customization. Get creative with the appetizers by having your caterer work in a family recipe, including some of your favorite local bites, or recreating a meaningful dish as an appetizer.

Food and drink provides a unique way to share memories and connect the celebration back to the happy couple. For example, if the first meal he ever made for you was grilled cheese, incorporate that into your wedding by serving mini gourmet grilled cheese during your cocktail hour

Hotel Marlowe's local expert tip: Work with a dedicated wedding consultant to create a customized menu and catering experience that is uniquely yours.

2) Food Stations Over Family Style

Your Day, Your Way: Personalizing Wedding Food & Beverage Experience

Another way to inject some personality into the menu is through food stations. This is one of the year's hottest wedding reception trends and is actually perfect for any season. Food stations provide endless possibilities for tailoring your menu and are great for a less formal, more upbeat celebration.

Local wedding reception food & drink expert, Hotel Marlowe, recommends creating a personalized cocktail-style reception, with a series of small plates and stations that allow you and your S.O. to showcase your knowledgeable palates.

Hotel Marlowe's local expert tip: Wow your guests with options like lobster bisque ‘cappuccino’ and ceviche to a hand selected cheese display!

You don’t have to be food experts to make food stations your own. Was your first date at your now favorite pizza spot? Feature a make your own pizza station. Or have a food station that represents your S.O.'s family heritage.

There are many ways you can infuse personality, style, and culture into the cuisine, but presentation is also key! If you opt for food stations a cute and creative way to make the night your own is to include a card at each station explaining the significance of the food (first date story, favorite place for date night, etc.).

3) Sip On Signature Cocktails

Your Day, Your Way: Personalizing Wedding Food & Beverage Experience

Cocktails are another great place to customize. In fact, it's become increasingly popular for couples to have 2 or 3 signature drinks at their wedding reception. Having more than one options allows you to satisfy a variety of tastes as not all of your guests will have the same liquor preference. Create cocktails to match your wedding colors or give your caterer a few of your favorite drink recipes to be taste-tested and approved. And for that extra special touch, come up with a catchy name that reflects your love story or wedding theme. Naming the drink after a favorite location, nicknames/pet names, fun facts, a couple's song or using your wedding theme for inspiration are just a few of the most popular ways people come up with creative and memorable names.

Custom cocktail napkins can also be a great way to personalize your beverage experience and keep your reception style cohesive. Take advantage of your custom wedding invitation designer's full package and have napkins featuring your wedding colors, new monogram, or invitation pattern to unify your wedding story with or without signature drinks.

5) Send Guests Home With A Treat!

Your Day, Your Way: How To Personalize Your Food & Beverage Experience

Send guests home with a little treat is a great way to end the night. Whether it's sweet or salty - after a long night of celebrating you can be sure this is a wedding favor all your guests will love. This is a great alternative to a little trinket that will most likely sit around collecting dust for years to come and is another way to make a lasting impression on your friends and family.

Your treats can be seasonal, representative of your wedding theme, connect to a meaningful memory or just some of your favorites! Are you having a Fall wedding? Consider decorated caramel apples or mini cider donuts for a creative and tasty wedding favor. Another great option for any time of year is to have candy bar stacked with a few of your favorites. Put the candy in large glass jars to give the bar a modernized feel and make less work for you and your caterer (self-serve!).

Finally, tie the treat back into your love story with a card thanking them and telling them the significance (or story) behind the favor.

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