5 Perfect Personalized Bridal Party Gifts

Author David Millette
Date Feb 15, 2021

Planning your dream wedding was a lot of hard work, now imagine if you had to do it all alone! It's safe to say that without your bridesmaids by your side, planning would have been more stressful and not as much fun.

Of course your friends are happy to help you no matter what, and that's what makes them so amazing. They don't expect anything in return for their work, but it's a kind gesture to show your thanks with a small gift. When giving bridal party gifts, we recommend picking something that can be personalized. That way, all of the gifts will match but each piece will still be unique to each bridesmaid based on the personalization you add.

We know that at this point you've probably done more planning than you can handle, so we've made a list of our favorite personalized bridal party gifts to make your life just a little easier. Give it a read and check one last item off your to-do list before your big day is finally here:

1) Map your friendship with A. Jaffe

Personalized Bridal Party Gifts a jaffePersonalized Bridal Party Gifts A jaffe mapsPersonalized Bridal Party Gifts maps

At some point in your life, fate placed you and your friends in the right place at the right time and forced you to meet each other. You didn't know it then, but these random girls were in it for the long haul. They were there when you needed them, and when it came time to pick your bridal party, there was no question that you needed them in it.

Celebrate the place where you met your best friends with a necklace, charm, or bracelet from A. Jaffe's new Maps Collection. If you haven't checked this collection out yet, each piece is custom engraved to display a map of your choosing. The piece also includes a diamond which can be mounted anywhere on the map to pinpoint an exact location. They're super easy to design and come in a bunch of different styles and metal types. And they start at under $200 each!

2) Engrave something personal on a bar necklace

Personalized Bridal Party Gifts Bar Necklace#SSN2420 || Retail Price: $100 || Available in silver & gold

Bar necklaces are a great gift to give because they are a blank slate for you to engrave anything you want, and they are perfectly in style right now. The options are endless, but some of our favorites include: your friend's name, the coordinates of somewhere special to the two of you, a nickname that you have for her, or both of your initials together.

Keep in mind that you can also engrave the back side of the necklace to customize it further. Engraving "Bridesmaid" or the date of the wedding are great ways to remind your friend of this special time in your friendship while keeping the message out of sign.

3) Personalize a locket

Personalized Bridal Party Gifts Locket

#SSP0901 || Retail Price: $695

Lockets are a great way to share a moment that reminds you of your friends. Once you've picked out your lockets, find some pictures of yourself with each of your bridesmaids and place them inside. When you give the lockets out, your friends will love opening them up and seeing the fun pictures you picked out!

This is a person bridesmaid gift because it requires a little bit of reminiscing and a lot of laughs. Have some fun with it and get your friends involved if you want, they'll definitely enjoy digging through old pictures together.

4) Get a necklace with their first initials

Personalized Bridal Party Gifts Yurman Initial NecklacePersonalized Bridal Party Gifts Roberto Coin Initial Necklace

Gold Necklace (left): #SSP0952 || Price: $695 || Silver Necklace (right): #DFP3443 || Price: $580

Sweet and simple is the name of the game with this one. Getting necklaces with your bridesmaids' initials is a great way to get something that's personalized without having to customize it yourself. After planning a whole wedding, this option is a bride-to-be's best friend!

As you can see in the two pieces shown above, you can get a letter that stands alone or a pendant with a letter set into it. There are a bunch of different options to choose from when it comes to getting a necklace with your friend's first initial, so be sure to explore all of the different pieces.

5) Get them monogram jewelry

Personalized Bridal Party Gifts Monogram EarringPersonalized Bridal Party Gifts Monogram Necklace

Earrings: #GE2828 || Retail Price: $400 || Necklace: #LFP0896 || Retail Price: $330

Monograms are the happy medium between a fully custom designed piece and a simple one letter necklace. When I say this, I mean that getting a monogrammed piece of jewelry designed is as simple as telling the jeweler the three letters you would like on it. Yet, at the same time, the odds of you finding someone who has the same monogram as you are pretty slim. So these are highly personalized pieces that don't require any hard work!

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