Men's Wedding Bands – What Width Is Right For You?

Author Cristina LaPenna
Date Feb 15, 2021

Men's Wedding Bands – What Width Is Right For You?

When it came to picking out the perfect engagement ring, you probably put hours of researching, store visits, and most importantly a lot of careful thought into finding the ring. But, when it comes to wedding bands, most guys don't realize that you should be putting the same TLC into picking out your band as you did with the engagement ring!

Your wedding band is one of the only things from your wedding that is going to last a lifetime, and you'll be wearing it every single day. In addition, it might even be the only piece of jewelry that you wear consistently.

Most men don’t even realize all of the different styles that wedding bands come in, let alone that there are different widths that vary just by a few millimeters. Not to worry! We've compiled what you need to know about the different widths of men’s wedding bands and which width is the perfect fit for your ring finger:

Average Width of Men's Wedding Bands

If you don’t know where to start at all in terms of your wedding band width, the average and most popular size is between 6mm or 8mm, depending on the general finger and hand size.

When you go into a jewelry store to try on wedding bands for the first time, a good starting point is to try a 6mm and adjust to either a larger or smaller width from there.

Which Width Is Right For Me?

When you go to pick out your wedding band, you may be asked if you know what size width you want, or if you want a narrow wedding band or a wide wedding band. But, what does all of that mean?

Narrow Wedding Bands

The term ‘narrow band’ means a ring with a width of approximately 2mm to 6mm.

Narrow Bands - Mens Wedding Band Widths - Longs Jewelers

Narrow wedding bands are recommended for guys who:

  • Have ring sizes under a 9

  • Have smaller hands

  • Have more slender fingers - You don't want the ring to look overpowering

  • Have never worn a ring before

  • Want a wedding band that is easier to get used to

Bands that are 6mm and thinner are often less expensive than the wider bands as well because they are made of a smaller quantity of precious metal.

Wide Wedding Bands

A ‘wide band’ refers to a ring with a width of 7 mm or over.

Men's Wedding Bands Widths 7mm-10mm

Wide wedding bands are recommended for guys who:

  • Have a ring size over a 9

  • Are bigger or have a broad body type

  • Have larger hands - They look more masculine on the finger than a narrower band

  • Are used to wearing rings

  • Want their wedding band to really stand out on the hand

When considering a wider band, it's important to keep in mind that they do tend to be more expensive because they are made of a larger quantity of the precious metal. You also need to make sure that you talk with your jeweler about the size of the ring when considering a wide wedding band as well. Because of the way that your finger is naturally shaped, it may be necessary to order a ring that is larger than what you normally would, because wider bands often are tighter on your finger than a narrower ring would be.

The Perfect Width For You

In the end, there is no magic formula or rules that are set in stone to dictate what width you should choose for your wedding band. Deciding on a specific width for your wedding band all comes down to your own personal preference.

The only way that you will truly know is by visiting your local jeweler and trying on different band widths to see what your favorite is. Remember, you will be wearing this wedding ring every day, so make sure it is a decision you are excited about!

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