Little Known Ways To Keep Your Wedding Bands Looking Brand New

Author Cristina LaPenna
Date Feb 15, 2021

Wedding Bands - How To Clean and MaintainIf you’re anything like me, the very first moment you buy anything you almost don’t want to wear it because you always want it to look brand, shiny new. With precious jewelry such as wedding bands, most people think that it's close to impossible to always have your ring looking EXACTLY like it did the day that you purchased it. But, this is very, very false.

There are a few key steps that you can take to make sure that your wedding bands are always looking picture perfect, and they don’t take very much time or even that much effort.

Follow these tips for how to maintain your wedding band, and we promise that even in the 70th year of owning your ring, it will still look identical to the day you bought it.

Know When To Take It Off

We know that you hate to part with your ring for even a second (why would you want to), but sometimes it's necessary. Most people aren’t sure of when you should take off your ring or not, so we have created a guide for you that outlines when you need to take off your diamond engagement ring. The same scenarios apply to your wedding band.

Avoid Lotions, Sunscreens And Perfumes

Most people don’t know that these products can really cause your bands to wear more quickly than normal. If your wedding band has diamonds in it, lotions and sunscreens can cause the areas around the diamond to look extremely dirty. If your wedding ring has any colored gemstones on it, the stones could potentially be damaged ybu repeated exposure. Try to remember to take off your wedding band before applying any similar products.

Keep Up With Rhodium Plating

If you have a white gold wedding band, which is one of the most popular styles of metals for wedding bands, then when you purchased your ring you were told that white gold is rhodium plated. Depending on how active you are or how often you use your hands daily, the rhodium plating beings to wear away over the years, revealing the yellow tones underneath. You can learn more about why that happens here.

To really maintain your wedding band and to make sure it is as beautiful as the day you got it, you might re-plate your band every three to five years. This is one of the things that is most often neglected and is one of the easiest ways to bring your ring from dull to dazzling. The process itself is not expensive, and most jewelers are able to do it.

Clean Your Band

Today, the great majority of jewelers are able to clean your ring for free as a courtesy to their customers. So, why would you not take advantage of this?

If you don’t have the time to make the trip to the jeweler, an option to clean your ring at home is to soak the band in a mixture of warm water and dishwashing soap and to clean your ring with a soft toothbrush. There are a lot of other at-home solutions as well, but we recommend dish soap because it's safe for all types of metals, diamonds, and all gemstones.

Ring Polishing

If you haven’t realized it by now, every type of precious metal ages when you wear it as often as you wear your wedding ring, which is almost every minute of the day. If you want to maintain a high shine, you will need to get your ring polished. Most jewelers can polish any ring easily, you just need to ask.

One of the things we often tell people specifically about platinum bands is that platinum doesn’t dull like gold does, but rather over time it develops a rich finish, called a patina, that is only developed from the daily wear of the ring. Many people love platinum for the patina finish because it makes the ring more unique and almost vintage-looking. You can always have your platinum band polished if you want that high shine look, but most people love platinum because it develops that personalized patina finish.

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