A Change of Plans: Wedding Celebration and Ring Trends

Author Gina Bolognese
Date Feb 15, 2021

If you are recently engaged and had been actively planning your wedding, you may have found that your plans came to an abrupt halt in 2020. Even though current events may have changed how weddings are happening this year and into the future, there is one major factor to remember: you have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and that alone is the biggest celebration there is. 

Couples are finding new ways to make their love official, even in uncertain times. Micro weddings have taken center stage in 2020 and into 2021, which are small celebrations with 50 people or less, and are becoming increasingly more popular. Some couples are opting for minimonies, which are ceremonies in which only immediate family members are present. Court elopements have also become more common. Though these options might not be what the couple originally had in mind, these celebrations are so special because it is an intimate moment shared with only your nearest and dearest and the focus is the married couple only — no frills attached.

Some couples have dreamed about their wedding day from a young age and are simply postponing to a future date to have the big celebration they’ve always wanted. No matter the decision, it’s something to be decided upon by the couple to meet their own personal preference. If one of the first big decisions you are making together is whether or not to postpone or change your wedding, then it is great practice for all of the decisions you will need to make together as a married couple!

Whatever your wedding day may look like, there is one thing from your wedding that you will always have with you and lasts a lifetime — your wedding ring. You will enjoy the flowers, food and music on the day, but your wedding ring is something that you will look down at every single day and remember the moment you became lifelong partners.

Just like how wedding trends are different these days, the same goes for wedding rings. One of our favorite ideas is engraving your band with your wedding date. Did you decide to postpone your wedding? If so, perhaps you want to engrave your bands with both dates so you will always remember this wild ride you were on together as a couple. Complimentary engraving is offered on all wedding rings purchased at Long’s.

Or, if you’ve postponed your date and are into the trend of stacking your bands, maybe one band represents the original date and the other band represents the new date. Browse a selection of our wedding rings here (link to wedding ring page) to begin planning your dream stack! 

Regardless of what wedding ring style you choose, just remember that no matter what, your love and your wedding rings were both built to last a lifetime — no matter how you choose to celebrate your day. Because some things can’t be canceled...just written in a new way!

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