#FitnessFanatic: Ideal Jewelry For Your Workout Wear

Author Janika Salazar
Date Feb 15, 2021

#FitnessFanatic: Ideal Jewelry For Your Workout Wear

We’ve welcomed in 2016 with an open mind for exercising. Or perhaps even just looking like we work out? If you’re like me, you may have Lululemon outfits that you love to wear just because. Like most women in New England, my guess is that your workout gear has now become a staple part of your everyday wardrobe.

Picture yourself running errands in the morning with your Nike’s and stopping by Dunkin’s before your day starts. Your workout gear is now acceptably stylish for the modern woman to be seen out all day. If anything, you even look more fit just wearing it!

In order to create a personal jewelry style, I suggest even doing so with your workout wear. I looked through our designers to pinpoint the best “workout outfit” fashion jewels that compliment an everyday look. Also for actually working out in your Wunder Unders.

To start, let's consider a pair of stud earrings. Your earrings can be your go-to accessory for any athletic activity. These particular diamond and David Yurman studs are what I have found to be the perfect match with your Lululemon Vinyasa scarf.

#FitnessFanatic: Ideal Jewelry For Your Workout Wear
Featured Earrings: David Yurman Stud Earrings, Citrine and Diamond ($1,400)

Secondly, a great rubber strap watch, or really any masculine boyfriend style watch, is just what your trainer ordered! Timing is everything in New England. We are seriously women on the go who make time for fitness. Even if you don’t, adding a boyfriend style watch is going to help you achieve just that. It shows you’ve got some grunt to your look and workout style.

#FitnessFanatic: Ideal Jewelry For Your Workout Wear
Featured: Michele Jellybean Navy Watch ($395), 2 Carat Diamond Ring (#SCTH0001, Call for pricing)

Lastly, try on a fabulous diamond ring. Well, why not? Since we are talking about jewelry, diamonds are just simply a must regardless of what you happen to be doing. Thank you Elizabeth Taylor for your tenacious love affair with all things diamonds! You have enlightened all women to see themselves wearing them all day every day… Even with our Lululemon outfits.

So my final thought is to give you a fitness challenge - accessorize your workout wear with jewelry. Do you accept? #StyleByJanika

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