Essential Jewelry Pieces You'll Want To Travel With

Author Janika Salazar
Date Feb 15, 2021

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Hello Winter! This is when New Englanders travel to where the sun will shine brightly. The very thought of packing our suitcase is often daunting. Then having to narrow it down to the essentials? It’s easy to say, certainly more complicated to do.

Your organizational skill set kicks right in, because you must plan each and every outfit to accommodate any situation that may arise. Preparation is the ultimate key here. If you want to look amazing at all times (including spontaneous events) you need to have the right jewelry with you. Yes, jewelry is the perfect finish to each of your outfits. You absolutely should be stylish when traveling. Think of it this way, fashion jewelry is an international language that everyone speaks, so let it speak on behalf of you and your personal style.

When packing, try consulting Pinterest. It'll give you suggestions and explain outfit options in detail. For instance, you can use the same black and white striped top paired with a pair of boyfriend jeans and rose pink ballet flats during the day and pair the outfit with a fabulous silk Hermes scarf, black cigarette leg pants and a round toe pump for an evening option. This is the same with the pieces of jewelry you choose to bring. Better known as the “mix & match."

Essential Jewelry Pieces You'll Want To Travel With

To start off, deciding on your color of jewelry is important. Do you love gold? silver? Or do you prefer rose gold? I enjoy bringing a mix of gold and silver myself. So, I'd recommend brining a steel and gold timepiece. Nothing over the top. Depending on where you plan to travel, I wouldn't bring anything that you might be scared to lose. I suggest opting for an 'in style' watch that will work.

What you can do from there is bring a wrap around bracelet. Something with leather and/or even reversible gold and silver. Pair it with your watch or on its own. It will add to your day to night looks.

Essential Jewelry Pieces You'll Want To Travel WithFeatured: Albion 27mm Quartz Navy Leather Wrap Watch ($1,450)

For earrings, I recommend bringing silver hoops, pearl stud earrings and a sparkly style earring. Silver hoops are great for an everyday sight-seeing accessory and can work just as well for a casual evening. They also say, “I’m totally up for a night of salsa dancing!” On the flip side, pearls are feminine and can be dressed up for a date night going to a beautiful restaurant overlooking an amazing sunset on the water.

Essential Jewelry Pieces You'll Want To Travel With
Featured: John Hardy Medium Sterling Silver Dot Hoop Earrings ($450)

What’s great about these key pieces is that when I am heading through airport security, I can keep an eye on the time and now at Boston Logan Airport you don’t have to remove many of your jewelry items. Thanks to the new technology, we as women can stay looking stylish, even through security check points!

Most importantly, I recommend you bring your jewelry in your carry-on bag. Something like a small felt pouch. Better safe and close to you at all times. You certainly don’t want to compromise your traveling leisurely woman of the world style now do you? Have a wonderful trip wherever you’re going, and be sure to keep looking fabulous at all times. #StyleByJanika

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