Jewelry That Will Rock Your World [Part 2 For Him]

Author Janika Salazar
Date Feb 15, 2021

Gentlemen, there are a few things you need to know. Firstly, jewelry is a broad term and does not just pertain to women. Secondly, a man with the right kind of jewelry style can help a woman understand what type of guy he is. It will even spark up a great conversation without effort!

From my own perspective, if I see a man with leather bands around his wrist, I am already intrigued. This tells me he could be well traveled and loves music. Then, when I notice a chronograph watch, I'm thinking that perhaps his limited time is important and his schedule is filled with many interesting events!

Then my mind starts to wonder... What type of music is he into? Probably anything with a great guitar sound! Maybe he plays the guitar? Or perhaps he just travels the world and has collected these cool pieces amongst his surfing trip to Sri Lanka...

Yes, gentlemen. This is merely a glimpse what a woman may think when she's looking at your jewelry. Believe me when I say that your style can help you start a very impressive conversation.

So allow me to show you how your love for rock music and travel can translate into your everyday style by picking the right pieces. Specifically with Tudor, David Yurman and John Hardy. Take a look at these combinations to see what I mean.

Featured Above: Tudor Ranger Watch ($2,825), David Yurman Chevron Bracelet ($350), John Hardy Classic Chain Bracelet ($650); Featured Below: Tudor Rider Watch ($4,925), John Hardy Classic Chain Ring ($350), John Hardy Naga Bracelet ($495), John Hardy Classic Chain Bracelet ($650), John Hardy Braided Leather Classic Chain Bracelet ($595), David Yurman Chevron Bracelet ($350), David Yurman Forged Carbon Tag Necklace ($975)

Just have a little faith and go with your gut. Try on all of it and see what works for you. It's about time you see what type of cool jewelry you can officially rock and make your new style! #StylebyJanika

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