Jewelry Push Presents: Give Her Another Gift to Cherish

Author David Millette
Date Feb 15, 2021

If your wife is about to have a baby, there are probably a million things on your to-do list. The house needs to be child proofed, the crib needs to be assembled, and the whole process is such a rush. Through all of the madness, you barely have time to take a breath and celebrate the beautiful moment.

It is important that through all of this, you still take some time to thank your amazing wife. One great way to do this is by picking out a gift to give to her after she gives birth. These gifts, or "push presents," are sure to be cherished forever, especially if you choose a special piece of jewelry.

When it comes to push presents, the more personalized they are, the more she will connect with and love them. With all the commotion and excitement, you might not have a lot of time to plan what you will pick out for a push present. So, we've made it easy!

We've compiled a list of some of our favorite jewelry ideas to help you on your search. Start planning the second greatest gift she will receive that day:

1) Mother and Child Necklace

mother and child push present necklace push present mother and child necklace

The mother and child necklace is a classic design that has been used by many jewelry designers. In this picture you can see a mother on the right holding her child on the left. The two are connected forming a circle to represent the loving connection between mother and child.

This necklace is great for a woman who is having her first child, as it represents the love of motherhood that she will now be experiencing. The mother child necklace shown here is made by Roberto Coin and is sure to be your wife's new favorite accessory.

2) Birthstone Ring

birthstone ring push presentbirth stone push band

Birthstones are a great way to personalize a push present. Including the birthstone of your child will remind your wife of your child every time she glances down at her finger.

Sometimes it can be difficult to predict what month the child will be born in. In this case, getting a ring that includes your birth stones is a great alternative. This can represent the next stage in your lives together. Many women love these rings so much that they choose to wear it along with their wedding bands.

The blue and diamond band featured above it an example of one of our favorite birthstone rings. The sapphire stones are perfect for a woman whose husband or child is born in September. Having diamonds separate these birthstones makes it a little more flashy and appropriate to be worn next to a wedding band.

3) Initial Necklace

initial necklace push present initial necklace push present

If you have a name already picked out for your child, getting an initial necklace is a great personalized gift. If your child's initial is different than your wife's, this is also a great conversation piece. People will be curious what the letter stands for and it will give your wife a chance to talk about your child.

Similar to birthstones, if you are purchasing the gift before you know how to customize it to the child, you can customize it using your initial. Your wife will love to wear your initial, and it is a great reminder of the day you two started a family together.

The necklace featured here on the right is designed by David Yurman. The gold and diamond are sure to catch the eye of any curious friends.

4) Custom Necklace

custom necklace push present custom necklace push present

If you want a highly customized piece for your wife, a custom necklace is the perfect gift. This allows you to include charms, birth stones and anything else you can think of. Here you can see a custom necklace by Heather Moore that includes love, baby feet, and birth stone charms.

Along with being highly personalized, a custom necklace is easy to change around. If you have another child or reach a major life event, you can add charms to grow the necklace. You can also get a collection of charms and switch them out regularly. This makes the piece appropriate for any occasion and outfit.

5) Posey Rings

posey rings push present posey rings push present

Posey rings are highly versatile and make for a great gift that your wife can wear every day. Your wife can wear her rings as multiple stylish accessories or group them together on a necklace. This is also a highly customizable piece, as you can get rings that include the birth stones of your child, yourself, and your wife. If you plan on having multiple children, you can add a ring for every child rather than get totally different push presents for every one.

The posey rings featured here are made by Monica Rich Kosann. There is a large selection of posey rings in her collection so you can pick a custom grouping perfect for your wife.

Did any of these push presents catch your eye or want to see more options? All of these and more options are available at any of our five retail locations throughout New England. Stop by our stores or contact us for more information.

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