How to Style Your Fashion Jewelry During the Winter Months

Author Taylor Rao
Date Feb 15, 2021


The winter season comes with a whole lot of bundling up, getting cozy and enjoying all that the snowy months have to offer. But just because your weekly wardrobe consists of oversized sweaters and sherpa boots doesn’t mean you have to cut back on accessorizing your favorite winter looks with some fun, fashion jewelry. Keep reading for our tips on how to add some sweetness and spice to your jewelry collection during the winter months!

Stick with Stud Earrings


While hoops and drop earrings are perfect for a summer sundress, you don’t want to run the risk of your earrings getting caught in your sweater and scarf when layering up to brace for the cold temperatures. So, save your more intricate earrings for the warmer months and throw on a pair of bold, statement studs to add some interest to your look without the fear of anything falling out.

And don’t be afraid to still be creative with the shape and size of your studs. You can rock a beautiful pear shape, a cluster of diamonds and other gemstones, or keep it simple with a solid diamond or pearl that will match with every comfy, cozy outfit you have planned.


Pop Those Layering Necklaces Over Your Sweater


If you’re team turtleneck in the winter, one of the cutest (and easiest) ways to draw more attention to your look is to add some short and long necklaces over the top of the fold. A nice, delicate chain with a simple gemstone or charm will draw your eye down to the rest of your outfit, and will pair well with the silver or gold on your boot buckle or jacket buttons.


Add Some Bling with Rings


While bracelets can be tough to show off during the colder months, you can certainly glam up your look with some fashion rings instead. But, there are two important things to keep in mind here if you’re going to be stacking rings or wearing one special piece from day to day. The first is you must stay moisturized! Keep a hand lotion on-hand (no pun intended) all winter long to make sure you hands are sparkling all over; dry skin will not complement your accessories.

The other thing to keep in mind while wearing rings in the winter is to keep an eye on where you’re putting them down as you use your hand lotion or slip into a pair of gloves. Try to wear single, simple band rings that won’t get caught on your gloves --warmth is still a little more important than fashion this time of year.


Getting excited about finding your next favorite fashion jewelry look to cure the winter blues? Shop with us online or brave the cold and visit us in stores, where you can see more styles and work with an expert to learn what’s in style this winter!

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