The 4 Best Styles of Anniversary Bands

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Aug 25, 2014

When it comes time for an anniversary or when you decide that you're ready to upgrade your wedding ring or band, there are a few different options that you can choose from. You can go for the over-the-top diamond big band look all the way to the understated stackable bands. These milestones are important times in your life, and you want to make sure that what you get represents the stage and place you are in your life! Make sure to put some thought and consideration into the purchase before you make a decision.

Depending on the look you are going for and the price point you are trying to hit, there are four different anniversary bands that we consider to be your best options. Here are the best styles of bands that we recommend:

1) Exquisite Eternity Bands

Exquisite Eternity Bands

A major anniversary is a huge accomplishment in life. You should really feel great about celebrating it with an over-the-top, gorgeous, exquisite diamond eternity band.

This big diamond band will always serve as a way to look back on and appreciate what you have accomplished. Whether it be an anniversary, a child being born, a job promotion, or you have just reached the point in your life where you can purchase an exquisite eternity bands, one of these rings on your finger will be a constant reminder and message to the world that you have a great sense of style and class.

2) Five Stone Anniversary Bands

Five Stone Anniversary BandsFive Stone Anniversary Bands


If you want to give your current wedding ring a bigger diamond look, add a new band to your collection, or are looking for a nice diamond ring for your right hand, you may want to consider a 5 stone band. This style of band is classy and diamond intensive without being over the top. It's more understated than the exquisite eternity bands.

Five stone bands are more practical than eternity bands for a number of reasons. The cost is better than a typical eternity band because the diamonds only run above the top of the band instead of the entire circumference of the ring. Also, rings wear the most along the bottom of your hand, so with diamonds only on the top of the band, you won't have to worry about repairs as often because the bottom is metal and more durable.

3) Stackable Eternity Bands

Stackable Eternity Bands

Stackable bands are a great style to choose if you want to add more personality to your current set. You can add some color by choosing stackable bands with gemstones like rubies or sapphires. You can also continue to add diamond bands to your current wedding ring set to give your collection a bigger look.

Many times, we have customers who will buy stackable eternity bands to commemorate a special occasion, like celebrating the birth of a new child or denoting the number of decades they have been married.


4) Fashion (or Wide) Eternity Bands

Fashion Eternity Bands

Fashion eternity bands are a great way to celebrate your individual style as well as an important anniversary. You can go for the more classic diamond look with some extra, added details (like the rings featured above). Or, you can buy bands that have colored diamonds or even gemstones in them to add a punch of color to your collection.

You can either wear these bands with your engagement ring or on their own. Fashion eternity bands offer a more interesting style than just a simple diamond ring. You can also wear these fashion bands on your right hand instead of complimenting or replacing your engagement ring. This style really allows you and your individuality shine. And there is no one correct way to wear them!

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