3 Standout Jewelry Looks to Upgrade Your Zoom Calls

Author Gina Bolognese
Date Feb 15, 2021

What to Wear on Your Zoom Call

Many of us have grown used to working from home by now. Work spaces have been set-up in our basements, spare bedrooms or kitchens. We keep in touch with our colleagues by emailing, instant messaging and video calls. Some days, we might find ourselves rolling right out of bed and straight into our computer chairs - and that’s okay! Right now, we need to do whatever it is that will make us feel happy and comfortable.

However, waking up and throwing on your favorite jewelry pieces before your Zoom calls can definitely make you feel more polished and ready to take on the day. Our favorite baubles invoke a sense of joy and happiness whenever we wear them. You may not have worn your favorite set of earrings over the past few months, but now is the time to bring them back out! Out of all your favorite pieces, we can assure you that bright pops of color will bring you the most joy as you power through your work day.

Not only will they brighten up your day--but your coworkers day, as well! Everyone can enjoy these colorful pieces during your video calls.

Layered Necklaces and Charms

What to Wear on Your Zoom Call
Featured: 18K Yellow Gold Turquoise Confetti Wrap Bracelet, $500 || 24K Yellow Gold Pear Jade Charm, $490 || 24K Yellow Gold Oval Coral Charm, $415 || 24K Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver Diamond Feather Charm, $410

Can’t decide on a necklace to put on ahead of your Zoom call? No worries - throw a few on! Layered necklaces are widely popular these days and can complement any outfit. This style of mixed metals, textures and lengths is referred to as a “neck mess” by fashion experts. Throw in some charms along with your favorite necklaces and chains for a fun twist. You can dress up or down any outfit depending on your personal style.

Everyone has their own sense of style and charms are great for showcasing individuality, as they are unique to the person wearing them. Not only will charms and necklaces represent your personality, but some contain certain gemstones which are known to have healing properties. For example, the jade in the 24K Yellow Gold Pear Jade Charm by Prehistoric Works is a good luck gemstone that brings peace and purity into your life as well as prosperity and abundance.

We love this 18K Yellow Gold Turquoise Confetti Wrap Bracelet by Anne Sportun that can also be worn as a necklace! Not only is this piece colorful and multi-purposeful, but the turquoise is notorious for symbolizing a protective shield and has healing effects, fostering positive, life-affirming thoughts and behaviors. Wearing our favorite jewels inspires us and provides some powerful healing properties, too!

Colorful Drop Earrings

Featured: 18K Yellow Gold Multi Stone Drop Earrings, $5,400 || 18K Yellow Gold Amazonite Orb Dangle Earrings, $670

With virtual meetings, bring out your best and your boldest. This means bright and colorful earrings! Drop earrings come in many shapes, sizes, and colors so there is definitely something for everyone. Worn correctly and with enough punch, colorful earrings can jazz up any outfit on your virtual calls – even if you’re still in your sweatpants!

A show-stopping drop earring, such as the 18K Yellow Gold Multi Stone Drop Earrings by Suzy Landa and the 18K Yellow Gold Amazonite Orb Dangle Earrings by Anne Sportun will make any outfit look put together, and we love these paired with a bold lipstick for extra pop.

Big Rings with Bracelets

Featured: 14K Yellow Gold Turquoise Bead Evil Eye Bracelet, $645 || 18K Yellow Gold Labradorite, Brown Garnet and Citrine Ombre Wrap Bracelet, $585 || 18K Yellow Gold Moonstone Confetti Wrap Bracelet, $500 || 18K Yellow Gold Lapis Wrap Bracelet, $500

Rings and bracelets are less likely to take center stage during your Zoom call, but there’s still a chance they will make an appearance. Another thing to keep in mind is that you will see these vibrant pieces all day-so why not liven things up! You may not always see your earrings or necklace unless you’re looking in a mirror or your computer screen during the call. But when you look down at your big, colorful rings and a stack of fabulous bracelets, they will surely bring some sparkle to your day!

We love colorful wrap bracelets, such as the 14K Yellow Gold Turquoise Bead Evil Eye Bracelet by Meira T and the 18K Yellow Gold Lapis Wrap Bracelet. Not only will these colorful wrap bracelets elevate your mood, but they are the perfect bracelets for Zoom calls as they don’t make any noise. Unlike traditional bangles, no one will be distracted by a jingle sound every time you move!

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