Vintage Wedding Day Gifts For Your Soon-To-Be Spouse

Author Veronica Rose
Date Feb 15, 2021

Vintage Wedding Day Gifts For Your Soon-To-Be SpouseYou've gotten gifts for your respective bridal parties, your parents, and now it's time to get your future spouse a gift. What better way to surprise them on your big day than with something meaningful and symbolic?

There is so much thought and hard work that goes into planning a wedding. From your wedding dress to the floral arrangements, chances are you've been thinking about every detail long before official planning begun. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of things from your wedding that can be used or worn again. The flowers get thrown away, the decorations get put away in boxes. But the jewelry...the jewelry you wear on your wedding day is a different story. Especially vintage jewelry.

With vintage, it has stood the test of time and remained relevant and trendy enough to wear whenever, even after the big day. And nothing says enduring love like a gift that is unique and holds additional meaning to you and your loved one. Not sure where to get started? We're here for you! Below are some vintage gift ideas for your spouse that they will certainly cherish long after you've tied the knot!

Tying the Knot
Vintage Wedding Day Gifts For Your Soon-To-Be Spouse
SHOP NOW: Cartier 18K Tricolor Gold Trinity Rolling Ring, $1,250 || || Antique 14K Yellow Gold Ruby and Diamond Knot Pin, $450 || 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Knot Ring, $670 || 14K Two-Tone Gold Diamond Knot Pendant, $1,095

Symbolic vintage jewelry is perfect for a wedding gift as it can be a bride's "something old", and vintage is beautifully timeless. What better way to symbolize tying the knot, than with a "tying knot" piece of vintage jewelry? Even after the wedding, when you wear these rings or this beautiful diamond knot pendant, you can think back on the day you actually tied the knot. Gifting a symbolic vintage piece of jewelry is also a great opportunity to remind each other of your values and true feelings for the other. Symbolizing love, fidelity and friendship, the tricolor trinity rolling ring is beautiful and meaningful, a perfect way to show you care. A symbolic gift of a one of a kind piece of jewelry can make anyone's special day all the more memorable.


Vintage Wedding Day Gifts For Your Soon-To-Be Spouse
SHOP NOW: 14K Yellow Gold Love Letter Charm, $795 || 18K Yellow Gold Ruby and Diamond Hand Bangle, $1,375 || Cartier 18K Pink and White Gold Diamond Paved Love Bracelet, $27,750 || 14K Yellow Gold Love Birds Charm, $330 || Vintage Rays of Love 14K Two-tone Gold Diamond Ring, $290

It's pieces like this yellow gold, ruby and diamond hand bangle and the yellow gold bird charm that indicate just how unique and intricate the details and craftsmanship are in vintage jewelry. By looking at these beautifully different pieces, you can tell right away that they have history. Maybe they were even a gift for another bride on her wedding day! This is what makes vintage jewelry so special - you can respect and appreciate the memories created before you, while also creating your own. Sometimes your love may be indescribable, impossible to put into words. A sweet charm like the love letter charm above is a simple gesture that goes a long way. Engraved on the inside of the letter are the words "...I love you" completing the phrase on the charm,"just to say...I love you." Gifting a charm like this on your wedding is simple yet incredibly endearing.

Vintage Wedding Day Gifts For Your Soon-To-Be Spouse

SHOP NOW: 14K Yellow Gold Engraved Locket - SOLD! || 14K White Gold Diamond Heart Locket, $820 || 14K Yellow Gold Ruby and Diamond Locket Pendant, $1,250

Lockets can carry an extra special meaning when you make it your own by engraving the piece or adding in a symbolic photo. This is the beauty of lockets, especially vintage lockets, because it gives you an opportunity to get a little sentimental. Vintage lockets also hold a little extra value because of their history and mysterious backgrounds. They beg the questions, "who wore this before me?","what did this locket mean to the owners before me?", "what other beautiful mementos has it held inside?". A thoughtful and sweet addition to a locket is something only you and your person need to know about or understand. It has the power to hold a moment, a memory, a snapshot in time, for you to carry with you always. Surprise her on your special day with a personalized locket she can wear close to her heart and she'll be sure to love this romantic gesture.

Cuff links
Vintage Wedding Day Gifts For Your Soon-To-Be Spouse

SHOP NOW: 14K Yellow Gold Lapis Cuff links, $300 || 18K Yellow Gold Onyx Button Cuff links, Italy, $895 || Patek Philippe 18K Yellow Gold Nautilus Cuff links, $3,850 || 14K Yellow Gold Barbell Cuff links, $650

Is your groom the type to enjoy a statement accessory? If so, vintage cuff links are the way to go. Unique vintage cuff links are like the jewelry equivalent of wearing a pair of eccentric socks with a nice suit. They're strikingly different, not unlike your lovably fiance. Gifting him with vintage cuff links will allow his personality to shine through on your wedding day, even while wearing a conventional tuxedo.

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