7 Spectacular Estate & Vintage Opal Pieces [Just-In]

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Feb 15, 2021

Do you love the mystifying look of opals? Opals are a customer favorite from our estate collection, because of their radiance and the unique way they play with light. The unique light quality of an opal is a result of an opal's internal structure which shows flashes of colors as you move the stone around. An opal stone can flash every single color of the rainbow! It's no wonder that gem quality opals are in such high demand.

Opal stones are being spotted on celebrities and fashion forward models around the globe these days. The unique characteristics and radiant glow of these stones makes them perfect for pieces that really stand out from traditional stones like sapphires or rubies.

Every once in a while we'll come across an estate or vintage opal piece that really catches our eye. Here are seven of our most enchanting opal pieces that we found in our estate jewelry case this month:

1) Black Opal and Diamond Earrings



These stunning earrings feature black opals - something you may not be familiar with! Black opals are stones that have a darker body tone than lighter opals, which are much more common. You'll see here that these opal earrings feature a deep, rich blue that makes the color vibrant and the piece much more valuable. People may be surprised to see such intense color peeking through these earrings, surrounded by beautiful diamonds on either side. This pair of earrings will definitely get noticed!

2) Yellow Gold and Opal Ring


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I bet you've never laid eyes on a ring quite like this! This ring is sure to turn heads with its nine oval cabochon opals arranged in a grid on a beautiful yellow gold band. The checkered pattern to this ring makes it completely unique. All nine ovals work off of one another to create a sea of opals. Be bold and opt for an opal estate ring that is one-of-a-kind.

3) Opal and Diamond Bangle



Looking for a piece that'll match virtually any outfit with a bit of a twist? We have the bangle for you! This yellow gold cuff features seven small cabochon opals alongside eight single cut diamonds. Not only are these stones a stunning combination of color mixed with the softness of the yellow gold, but the detail that you can find on this bangle is incredible. The oval open details along the top of the cuff show off the craftsmanship of this beautiful piece and the textured finish helps accentuate all of the beautiful stones.

4) Yellow Gold Opal and Diamond Ring



This will be your next favorite estate cocktail ring. When you try this ring on, you'll be overwhelmed with the beauty of it! The diamonds framing the center opal enhance the stunning colors that can be found in the opal stone. This giant oval opal radiates hues from all colors of the rainbow. Just in this image you can spot yellow, green, blue and red. You'll be mesmorized looking into the stone and seeing all the different colors radiate as you move it in the light. Make a statement with this stunning estate opal ring that'll be a go-to for years to come.

5) Opal and Diamond Ring



There's so much to look at with this unique estate opal ring! The twisted detailing of the ring with the intricate ridges makes for a nice textured look that is much different than a smooth, polished edge. The two beautiful light colored opals in the center mixed with two small diamonds give some personality to the ring as they are wrapped and twisted in the yellow gold metal. If you're looking for something out-of-the-ordinary, this is it!

6) Sapphire and Opal Bangle



We love this unique and trendy estate sapphire and opal bangle. The open design is a big trend in jewelry right now, and this color combination is something we haven't seen before. The dark sapphires paired with light, milky opals set in a bright yellow gold make for a visually stunning appearance. The hinge detail on the side helps to make this piece easy to take on and off wherever you are. You'll love adding this unique piece to your look to add something a little different.

7) Opal and Diamond Earrings



Last but not least, take a peek at these beautiful opal and diamond drop earrings! These are truly show-stopping earrings. The drop earrings feature two round brilliant cut diamonds suspended with two pear shaped opals for an elegant look. The way the diamonds play with the colors radiating out of the opals is something you need to see for yourself.

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