7 Fiery Ruby Vintage & Estate Pieces For July [Just In]

Author Sam Hussey
Date Feb 15, 2021

Rubies are one of the most important and historically significant gems. Long treasured for their deep red hues, early cultures compared the color of rubies to the blood running through their veins, believing them to hold the power of life. In the ancient language of Sanskrit, ruby is called 'ratnaraj', meaning "king of precious stones."

The desire for rubies remains as strong as ever, building its reputation as a symbol of wealth and success over the years. The gemstone's red is associated with our most intense emotions; love and anger, passion and fury. All of these add to the stone's reputation as "king" of gems.

What better way to celebrate July than with an exquisite estate pieces featuring its famous birthstone? Here are 7 fiery ruby estate pieces you won't want to miss:

1) 14K Yellow Gold Ruby and Diamond Earrings

14K Yellow Gold Ruby Diamond Earrings


Looking for a pair of timeless studs to add to your estate jewelry collection? This gorgeous pair is for you! Complimented by 20 sparkling diamonds, these brilliant ruby studs will add the perfect amount of color and shine to your wardrobe.

2) 14K Yellow Gold Ruby Bracelet

14K Yellow Gold Ruby Bracelet


Similar in design to the well known XO Hugs Kisses chain link bracelet, this unique twist on a classic incorporates the fiery red gemstone creating the perfect combination of color and class. The 15 marquise cut rubies stand out brilliantly against the yellow gold "X's". If you're looking for a simple, elegant piece that will dress up any occasion this prize from our estate collection is for you.

3) 18K Yellow Gold Ruby and Diamond Pendant

18K Yellow Gold Ruby DIamond Pendant


This stunning ruby and diamond pendant is the refined piece your jewelry box has been missing! Suspended from an 18" yellow gold chain, the deep red color of this exquisite oval ruby stands out brilliantly against the 8 bright diamonds that surround it. This elegant design is the epitome of wealth and success.

4) 14K Yellow Gold Ruby and Diamond Earrings

14K Yellow Gold Ruby and Diamond Earrings


If you're looking for an edgy, one-of-a-kind piece to add to your collection, this is the piece for you. These ruby and diamond earrings are the perfect combination of hoops and studs. The varying sizes of the alternating gemstones give the design a unique twist unlike any other. You can be sure you won't find earrings like these anywhere else!

5) 14K Yellow Gold Ruby and Diamond Ring

14K Yellow Gold Ruby and Diamond Ring


As a symbol of passion, rubies make for the ideal romantic gift. This vintage three stone ring makes for the perfect promise, engagement, or anniversary ring! Whether you were born in July or celebrate an anniversary every July, what better way to welcome the month than with this this gorgeous one-of-a-kind ring?

6) 14K Yellow Gold Ruby and Diamond Heart Pendant

14K Yellow Gold Ruby and Diamond Heart Pendant


Take a look at this beautiful open heart pendant! The romantic red color gives the unique heart design that extra special touch. Spice up your estate collection with this distinct pendant that represents one of our most intense emotions perfectly: love.

7) 14K Yellow Gold Ruby and Diamond Ring

14K Yellow Gold Ruby and Diamond Ring


This brilliant ring speaks for itself. This unique design pairs elegance and creativity flawlessly. If you want a piece that stands out from the crowd, look no further - this striking ruby diamond bypass ring is what you've been waiting for. Don't miss the chance to make this head turner your latest estate ring!

Fall in love with any of these fiery treasures? Browse our extensive online estate jewelry collection or make an appointment to find the perfect piece for your jewelry box!

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