[Cool Jewels For Summer] 8 Beautiful Coral & Turquoise Estate Pieces

Author Elisa Pennimpede
Date Feb 15, 2021

[Cool Jewels For Summer] 8 Beautiful Coral & Turquoise Estate Pieces

Coral and turquoise are favorites for summer casual and elegant jewelry. Their vibrant colors evoke the sensations of warm sunny days and bright summer skies. Find out how you can expertly mix and match coral and turquoise estate jewelry this season to celebrate these two vibrant hues:

Coral Estate Jewelry

Coral especially is experiencing a big comeback this year! The shortage of contemporary coral due to the protection of the reefs has created a resurgence of fabulous vintage coral pieces. Coral jewelry has become one of the latest hot jewelry trends. The stone's summery color is appearing on this year’s bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings. The Oscars and other Red Carpet events that have celebs including Heidi Klum and Paula Patton showing off their coral jewelry which gives these gems an exclusive flair.

14K Yellow Gold and Coral Flower Earrings, $1,075, One-Of-A-Kind & 14K Yellow Gold Pink Coral and Turquoise Bracelet, $1,430, One-Of-A-Kind

Coral comes in a variety of colors, like the deep red or light pink hue in the vintage pieces above from our estate jewelry collection. Because coral is created organically in nature under water over thousands of years, it's similar in structure to pearls though exotically different in appearance. Like the above examples, colors range from creamy pink to a deep red orange.

ESBR2246-1.jpeg ESNK3449-1.jpeg
14K Yellow Gold Coral Bracelet, $2,080, One-Of-A-Kind & 14K Yellow Gold Coral Necklace, $750, One-Of-A-Kind

So why are we seeing coral pop up everywhere this summer? The beachy beauty and diminishing supply of coral make it one of the most desired natural jewels. Coral transports the romance of the ocean into the lives of jewelry lovers everywhere. Two of our favorite vintage coral pieces, featured above, are perfect choices for the season. The combination of the light coral with the soft glow of the yellow gold metal highlight this stone beautifully.

ESBR2267.jpeg ESRG4601-1.jpeg
14K Yellow Gold Turquoise Bangle, $780, One-Of-A-Kind & 18K Yellow Gold Turquoise Ring, $780, One-Of-A-Kind

Turquoise Estate Jewelry

Turquoise is one of the oldest stones in human history, a gem of protection, strong and solid, while soothing to touch, signifying the god of the sky alive in the earth. The delicate veining is natural to the stone and enhances each stone’s unique character. Spanning all cultures, ancient Egyptians, Persians and Chinese, Aztecs and Incas of South America, and Native North Americans, turquoise jewelry has been treasured as a symbol of wisdom, nobility and the power of immortality.

The turquoise estate pieces featured above creatively uses the turquoise stone within their intricate designs. Turquoise looks stunning next to yellow gold. These pieces are great additions to any estate jewelry collection, especially when paired with coral estate jewelry this summer.

ESRG4978.jpeg ESER4356-2.jpeg
14K White Gold Turquoise and Diamond Ring, $975, One-Of-a-Kind & 14K Yellow Gold Coral and Diamond Earrings, $835, One-Of-A-Kind

Coral & Turquoise Estate Jewelry

When you mix coral and turquoise, you get a powerful combination that is bright, colorful and full of life. Coral and turquoise are icons of American jewelry. Coral and turquoise are two of summer jewelry’s most classic gems, associated with silver Southwestern style and Native American artisans. Today, the distinctive stones have taken on a sophisticated fresh new look as designers incorporate them into modern settings, often paired with gold and diamonds. Join in on the color revolution this season by mixing and matching vintage and estate coral and turquoise jewelry!

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