7 Diamond Shapes and What They Say About You

Author Veronica Rose
Date Mar 6, 2020


Which diamond shape are you? You may be surprised to know the shapes you favor over others actually offer a lot of insight into the type of person you are. Each cut and shape fits best with a specific personality so finding the right one for you is important when it comes to choosing a ring for the rest of your life. The jewelry you choose to wear always makes a statement about who you are and what you love so why should an engagement ring be any different?

With so many diamond cuts and combinations of styles, it definitely makes you wonder which one will best fit you and your personality. An engagement ring isn't just any piece of jewelry so it's important to get it right. This is why we have come up with our top 7 most popular diamond shapes and what each one can say about you!

Round Cut
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Widely known as the most popular diamond shape, the round cut diamond is a good place to start. Chosen for its clean lines, symmetry, and light performance, the sparkle of a round brilliant ring is unlike any other. There's no surprise why people choose this ring time and time again, making it the most traditional engagement ring. Soon to be brides that opt for a round engagement ring are considered to be lovers of the classic, timeless and traditional. Drawing on traditional romance ideals, round cut diamonds are symbols of honesty, faithfulness and the balancing act of love.

Cushion Cut
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The cushion cut diamond stands out from other shapes with its square shape and soft, rounded corners. Considered one of the most popular diamond cuts a century ago and in recent years as well, this diamond shape exudes elegance, romance and clarity. Women who find themselves attracted to this stone shape are usually considered to be strong, fashionable and contemporary women to the world while maintaining an air of romance and tradition in their personal relationships.

Oval Cut
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A close relative of the round brilliant, oval diamonds also possess an amazing brilliance as well as share many of the same ideals to that of the round cut diamond. The cornerstones of this shape are romance and tradition but it also carries a bit of individuality and creativity. Worn by most as a solitaire ring, many brides like this shape for its elongating features, creating the illusion of more slender-looking fingers. Women who choose oval shaped engagement rings are known by others as being bold, innovative and unique while sticking close to the romantic ideals of tradition they so idolized in their mothers.

Princess Cut
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Another popular and square shaped cut, princess cut diamonds are known for their exceptional brilliance as are the brides who wear them. The brides that favor this type of cut are considered to be strong, self-assured women that never shy away from the spotlight. This stone will tell you that its wearer loves to take risks, bringing an air of passion and excitement into everything she does. They are trendy, flirty and lively, commanding the scene of every encounter.

Marquise Cut
Marquise Cut
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Visually, one of the largest looking shapes for its carat weight, the marquise shaped diamond is all about elegance and abundance. Like the oval shape, this cut's unique and long shape also gives the look of longer, leaner fingers. Brides that choose to wear this shape on their ring fingers exude confidence as well as a "larger than life" attitude centered around status and wealth.

Emerald Cut-2
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This cut, named for the square or rectangular shape also known as the rectangular step cut, produces a "hall-of-mirrors" effect that separates it from all other shapes. This unique shaped diamond is usually worn with grandeur and confidence by women that have an excellent sense of who they are. The clear and open style of this shape indicates depth of character coinciding with clarity and self-awareness. Open to taking risks, this diamond shapes' wearer is never known to seek the approval of others for anything while also demonstrating a quiet elegance.

Pear (Teardrop)
Pear Cut
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An interesting mix of tradition and modernism, pear or teardrop shaped diamonds are a combination of a round and marquise shaped diamond. This shape is to be worn with the tapered point facing in towards its wearer. This diamond shape gives off the idea that whoever wears it is unique, fun and adventurous. With a nod toward romanticism, this shape really caters more to a woman's individuality and leadership.

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