Should You Use Hand Sanitizer with Your Engagement Ring?

Author Veronica Rose
Date Jul 27, 2020

You love your engagement ring and want to wear it at all times-and why shouldn’t you! But in times like these, you may be wondering if all that extra hand washing and rubbing alcohol may be damaging your most prized piece of jewelry. This is why we are here to tell you everything you need to keep in mind while staying cautious through a pandemic.

The past few months have definitely been an adjustment and you’ve probably increased your use of cleaning supplies, harsh chemicals, disinfecting agents and most importantly hand sanitizer. Now that you’ve been doing all the right things, staying mindful and cautious, the question is: what harm is this doing to my engagement ring? The short answer to this question is to definitely remain cautious with your jewelry. Hand sanitizer can end up doing a lot of damage if you’re not careful!

Excessive use of alcohol (the main ingredient in hand sanitizer) and cleaning supplies on your ring can dull the stone’s shine and wear down the setting a lot faster. The metal that would be affected the most is white gold, as the rhodium plating could be worn down and the warm yellow color underneath could show through a lot faster. Other metals such as platinum, yellow gold and rose gold are less susceptible to damage but are not completely immune and might need refinishing eventually as well. Some alternative gemstones like emeralds, pearls, turquoise, opals and some others should also not interact with alcohol based hand sanitizers frequently as it could dry them out or cause permanent damage.

Due to all these potential risks, we recommend taking off your ring, whenever possible, before using hand sanitizer or any type of harmful cleaning agent, waiting a minute to let it dry and then putting the ring back on. Hand sanitizer is also known to leave a cloudy film over your diamonds so definitely wash your ring frequently! Luckily, you don't have to take off your ring while you're washing your hands-which is a big plus right now as we are all washing our hands extra often these days. We recommend washing your engagement ring as frequently as about once a week with warm water and dish soap. This is actually the best way to clean your ring on your own without causing any damage. Check out this blog to learn more about cleaning your engagement ring at home!

Your engagement ring may be your most prized possession but staying healthy is more important than anything. Maintaining great hygiene and cleanliness is more crucial than ever so remain diligent but don’t feel like you have to stop using hand sanitizer altogether! 

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