Best Places To Propose In The North Shore

Author David Millette
Date Feb 15, 2021

Proposing is exciting and nerve wracking, but just like everything else, it becomes a lot easier when you've got a plan. Knowing the small details and planning them in advance will help everything go smoothly and give her even more reason to say "Yes!" Start with when and where you're actually going to propose.

We're dedicated to helping you through the proposal process, so we're always coming up with proposal ideas to pass along. This week, we focused on finding the best proposal locations on the North Shore and have a great list of spots that will all make for a great proposal story. So give it a read and see if any of the spots are right for you:

1) Peabody Essex Museum - Salem

Proposal Ideas Locations North Shore Salem Peabody Essex Meuseum

If your special someone is a fan of art, then there is no better place to get down on one knee than at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA. The museum's massive collection consists of 1.3 million pieces as well as 22 historic buildings, making it one of the top 20 art museums in the country.

The most interesting attraction at the museum has to be the East India Marine Hall, which is famous for being the longest standing museum in the country. In the building, you will find artifacts from the East India Marine Society. This group was established in 1799 by sea captains and traders who were dedicated to bringing "natural and artificial curiosities" from the far east back to America.

Take your loved one on a walk through the museum and explore the multiple collections. There are countless spots that would make for a great place to propose, so find one that is meaningful to you and go for it!

2) Lighthouse Preservation Society - Newburyport

Proposal Ideas Locations North Shore Newburyport Lighthouse Preservation Society

Proposing at a restaurant usually means getting down on one knee and being the center of attention in a crowded room. Well if you want to propose over dinner but would appreciate some privacy, the Lighthouse Preservation Society in Newburyport has got you covered.

Now you may be thinking, what does a light house society and a romantic dinner have to do with each other? Well in an effort to preserve these landmarks, they have transformed the top of a Newburyport lighthouse into a private dining room.

That's right, you and your loved one can enjoy privacy and a view while indulging in a three course meal. The tower is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and can accommodate up to four guests. So if there is anyone special you would like to be there for the big moment, you're in luck.

3) Castle Hill (Turner Hill) - Ipswich

Proposal Ideas Locations North Shore Ipswich Castle Hill
Montserrat College

Do you love impressive estates, roomy mansions, and beautiful landscapes? Well at Castle Hill in Ipswitch you will find all of this and then some! Sitting on top of the 165 acre hill is the Crane Mansion contains 59 rooms and is only a small part of the 2,100 Crane Estate. The mansion was built by the home's previous owner Richard Crane who made the summer house his passion, and he spared no expense when transforming it into a little piece of paradise. He even contracted some of the centuries most famous architects and landscape architects, whose breath taking work earned the estate a spot on the list of National Landmarks.

Following Crane's death, the building was given to the Trustees Of Reservations who opened the estate up to the public. When visiting, you will find hiking trails, a cafe, casino complex, and a B&B inn for guests who can't fit everything into just one day. There are countless romantic locations on the grounds of the hill, but I recommend the Grande Allée (the lawn) as its rolling hills overlooking the ocean make for a view like no other.

4) Wingaersheek Beach - Gloucester

Proposal Ideas Locations North Shore Gloucester Wingaersheek Beach

New Englanders love the ocean, which makes the beach a great place to propose. When you live on the North Shore, there are many beaches to choose from, but we recommend Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester, MA. Its soft sand and unique rock formations make this beach memorable, but it's the sea life you come across on a walk down the beach that makes this spot incredible.

Take your loved one on a walk at low tide and you will be shocked by the flocks of sand dollars that you will find along the way. Fake her out by pretending to stop and pick one up and then surprise her with the ring! You can even keep the sand dollar you were "picking up" as a special reminder of this monumental moment in your lives together.

5) Hammond Castle - Gloucester

Proposal Ideas Locations North Shore Gloucester Hammond Castle

If you and your fiance-to-be enjoy castles, the ocean, and local history, then the Hammond Castle is a great spot for you to pop the question. Hammond Castle was the home, laboratory, and personal museum of John Hammond, the father of modern day remote control technology.

This successful inventor used his riches to purchase a large collection of artifacts, as well as chunks of castles and churches throughout Europe that he had shipped back home. He used these to build and furnish a castle like no other containing a drawbridge, several towers, a great hall, a library, laboratory and an inner and outer courtyard.

The castle is now a museum and open to the public, Outside of museum hours, the castle can be rented out for private events including weddings. So if you've ever wanted to get married in the same spot you proposed at, this is the perfect opportunity!

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