5 Reasons You NEED TO Buy Her Ring At Long's

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Feb 15, 2021

5 Reasons You Need To Buy Her Ring At Long's

You've found the one. She's everything. She's it. You're ready to get down on one knee. You've visualized the perfect proposal and imagined sweeping her off her feet.

Now that you know she's the one, the next step is to get her that diamond engagement ring she's always dreamed of. So..where do you start? Just like with every major purchase in your life, you need to shop around. You need to check out all the options you have to pick a jeweler that you feel confident in and find a sales person that you really click with.

While we're confident our name would come up in that research list, we're here to take a shot at convincing you to seriously consider buying the ring at Long's.

So feel free to shop around, but here are 5 reasons why we're confident Long's will be the last and final stop on your list to buy the engagement ring:

5 Reasons You NEED TO Buy Her Ring At Long's Jewelers

1. Long's employees don't work on commission (unlike most jewelers)

You know how important it is to see a diamond in person, but you hate dealing with pushy sales people. We get it. A sales associate's job is to help you find the right ring. At Long's, that doesn't mean pushing you towards whatever ring is more expensive. It means finding you the right ring at the right price.

That's why our sales associates don't work on commission, unlike most jewelers. A lot of jewelers will try to convince you to upgrade or spend more in order to make more for themselves in commission. Because our associates don't work on commission, they are more incentivized to help you find that perfect ring within your budget. Less pressure, more education.

2. Education and transparency are two words we live by

Because we don't work on commission, we take it upon ourselves to educate and be completely transparent with you so that you feel confident and comfortable with your ring purchase. This is one of the biggest purchases someone would normally make in their early adult life. It's essential that we help you feel like you've made the right choice.

We always take the time to educate our customers first and foremost. Understanding diamonds and everything that goes into a ring requires some invested learning. That's why we've taken the time to write countless blog posts related to various topics around engagement rings and diamonds, so that you can start learning from the comfort of your own home. You can feel more confident than ever before stepping foot into a store knowing some of the basics.

Take a look at our engagement blog here. It features a mix of our favorite Long's proposal stories along with various educational articles to get you started.

5 Reasons You NEED TO Buy Her Ring At Long's Jewelers

3. It's How Boston Gets Engaged

Every city has a major jeweler that has been around forever. They're iconic, involved in the local community, and are the go-to jeweler when you want something nice when you're visiting that destination. In Boston, that store is Long's Jewelers.

Long's has been around for over 135 years, and it's far from being an old, stuffy jeweler. If you check out our Facebook or Instagram these days, you'll see that we're anything but old fashioned.

We eat, sleep and breathe everything Boston. It's a part of our culture. We understand the New England bride down to their preferred tastes and aesthetics. We are the official jeweler of the Boston Marathon and support dozens of local charities to help better the community.

Long's really is How Boston Gets Engaged. We've been doing this a long time now.

4. We have one of the largest selections of engagement rings in New England

We're living in the Pinterest era. She may have a few pins, or a thousand, of her dream engagement ring that she may or may not have casually shared with you at some point. The pressure is on to find that perfect engagement ring style, so you want to find a jeweler with A LOT of options.

Some stores will have one or two cases of diamonds, and you're confined to those cases and those alone. At Long's, you'll find cases and cases of engagement rings from major designers like Ritani and A.Jaffe. Our huge selection is what really helps us stand apart from other local jewelers.

We promise you'll be able find something unique that she will love no matter how selective you or she is!

5 Reasons You NEED TO Buy Her Ring At Long's Jewelers

5. Long's wants to be your jeweler for life

Some purchases will be a one and done experience, but often times an engagement purchase is one of the first BIGGEST purchases in your adult life. After the engagement ring, you'll want to start thinking of the wedding bands, cleaning, resizing, anniversary gifts, personalized bridal party gifts, push presents - the list goes on.

Long's is there to be your jeweler for life. We want to be there for all the big moments to help you celebrate and feel special. Some jewelers will offer you a one and done experience, where they are happy to make a sale and that's it. We actually want to see you again. We get to know our customers and follow up with them to hear how the proposal went and all their plans for the big day. We want to hear about your future plans, your anniversary date ideas and be there to support you every step of the way. We want you to turn to us for everything you need in the future, from the smallest repair to the major life milestone celebrations!

When you get the ring at Long's, you become part of the family.

Ready to make take the next step? We want to meet you! Make an appointment to meet with a qualified diamond specialist or visit any of our New England retail locations!

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