A Long's Proposal Story: Katie & Paul

Author Long's Jewelers
Date Feb 15, 2021

This is one of the most fun and playful proposals that we've heard yet! Katie and Paul answered questions we were dying to know about their proposal. You'll never guess the creative way that Paul kept the ring hidden before the big reveal...

How did you meet?
Match.com. Seriously!

Describe the proposal in detail:
We went to the restaurant where we will be holding our wedding reception, and dined in the private room. We ordered the meal options for two for everything, which was corny but really fun (and delicious!).

Then, we ordered Baked Alaska for dessert, and my (now) fiance asked for extra, extra whipped cream. I rolled my eyes at him because he is so silly about his whipped cream. When the dessert came, I kept hitting this hard part in the middle of it, but thought it was just a weird frozen part.

Finally he pulls it out, and starts cleaning off the whipped cream. It was my ring box wrapped in cellophane! Then he proposed :) He had slipped the ring to the manager earlier in the evening and planned the whole thing without me knowing!

Describe the engagement ring:
My amazing ring is platinum with a 3/4 carat colorless diamond, a solitaire princess cut. I love it!

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