A Long's Proposal Story: Justine & Uday

Author Long's Jewelers
Date Feb 15, 2021

justine-and-uday1-cropFrom Greece to Maine! Read on to see how Uday surprised Justine with her stunning, new ring during Thanksgiving. On behalf of the entire Long's team, congratulations and best of luck.

How did the two of you meet?

justine-and-uday2"Justine and I met online on a Friday, and went on our first date the following Monday. One week after our first date, we got a puppy together. Twenty days after our first date, we flew off to Greece together for a week of sailing, and it was on that trip that we fell in love."

How did you propose?

"Thanksgiving has never been a holiday to look forward to for either one of us. So I thought, what better way to add new meaning to a holiday than to reinvent its meaning in your life? This year, we decided we were going to get away with just our little family, Justine, our son and me, and start a new tradition. We decided on a condo in Maine right on the water. The freezing weather only meant great snowy views combined with an ocean vista for us. On thanksgiving eve, after a day filled with laughter and joy, we put our son down to bed. Afterwards, we started to reminisce on how far we’ve come in our relationship since our trip to Greece where we fell in love. All the dedication and commitment to building our lives together was paying off. As we both expressed the things we were most thankful for with each other, I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She said yes, and we immediately went to tell our son who was just getting to bed. His words will forever be etched in our hearts, 'I get to keep him forever now, yay!'"

justine-and-uday-family justine-and-uday-ring

Tell us about the engagement ring!

"It is a twisted band with a round center stone and diamond halo."

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