A Long's Proposal Story: Julie & Paula

Author The Diamond Team at Long's
Date Feb 15, 2021

The proposal story of Julie and Paula, as told by Paula:

A Long's Proposal Story

“Julie and I actually have known of each other for 13 plus years. We met through mutual friends years ago and would see each other at different events every now and then. Back then, we’d say hello and have brief exchanges but never really got to know each other or become friends. I always remember Julie (she is making me insert a ditto here) because she was so nice, so uplifting and always so happy…of course, she was also very cute and had a face and personality that you just don’t forget. Years later and a few relationships for each of us that did not work out, we actually met on-line and decided to get together for dinner in Davis Square. That was January 2010, but I remember it like it was yesterday…it was a cold and snowy evening and restaurants were crowded. But our evening turned out to be very relaxing, warm and fun- like we actually had know each other forever.

Fast forward to a bit over two years later, I knew I wanted to propose, I just didn’t know how. I thought of so many different things to do… propose at dinner and slip the ring in a glass of champagne (but that seemed cheesy and didn’t fit us). Then I thought of a possible get away- whisk Julie off to an island get away… but that didn’t fit us either. So many other options came into my mind, but all simply were not us. Finally, I had a thought that we’d go for one of our hikes with our pup (like we usually do) and somehow, when she wasn’t looking I’d slip the ring out and propose. That was it… I got the ring, the card and had it all set up. I decided our 2 and 1/2 year anniversary was the date.

That day came and it was raining- so hiking with the dog wasn’t going to happen. I didn’t have a Plan B, but knew somehow I wanted the dog with us when I proposed (mostly for comfort for me, but also because she is such a bit part of our lives). So we went to dinner on our anniversary (as planned) at one of our favorite restaurants in Melrose. It seemed to take forever! When we got home, Julie went one way and I went into the bedroom. The dog followed…perfect! Lucy (our dog) jumped up on the bed and I gave her the card, which she simply held. Julie came into the bedroom and saw Lucy looking adorable with the card and thought it was the cutest thing ever… little did she suspect or know the ring was coming. She read the card and turned away from me, giving me time to pull out the ring. She turned around, saw the ring and just started crying! Then I started crying and could hardly get out the words. But I did- I asked her to marry me, she cried, said yes and we held each other. Little did I know that the perfect engagement for us would be the one at home … but it truly was!”

Julie and Paula were married in 2013. You may recognize them from our latest Boston Spirit ad campaign which launched in September 2013. Here’s a preview of the ad in which they are featured:

A Long's Proposal Story

The original photo was taken by Christine M. Hurley, a talented local wedding and event photographer. We wish Paula and Julie the very best!

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