5 Tips For Hiding That Bulky Engagement Ring Box

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Feb 15, 2021


You've already spent the time picking out the perfect engagement ring. You go to pick up the ring, and it looks stunning in the box given to you by the jeweler. But when it comes time to put the ring in your pocket and pull of the best proposal ever - you panic!

How are you supposed to hide this bulky engagement ring box in your pocket? It looks like you're trying to hide a giant, not-so-subtle rock. You might worry that all the planning and the surprise that you've planned for her will be completely ruined unless you get rid of the box.

Don't panic just yet! We've heard our fair share of amazing proposal stories, all of which included the opening of the stunning Long's engagement ring box. Here are five fool proof options for hiding the ring so that you can still have the ultimate proposal moment without her finding out:

Option #1: Wear Loose Clothing

When you're trying to fit a bulky engagement ring box in your pocket, it isn't exactly subtle. There's really no good way to do this unless you're wearing very loose pants. But there are other places on your body that you can also consider hiding the ring box if you can find the perfect outfit.

One option is to hide it your sock with a looser pant that'll cover up any bulge. Now you might be thinking - hm, that's a little strange. Well I can tell you from some of the proposal stories that have been shared with us that this strategy has worked in the past. So don't rule it out just yet. Another option is to wear a loose-fitting jacket or sweatshirt that has big pockets. The added bulk from this outwear could make for the perfect ring bulge coverup.

Option #2: Use Props To Hold The Ring

Depending on when and how you will propose, there are accessories or props you may be carrying with you at the time. For instance, perhaps you plan to go for a hike. Look no further than your backpack for the perfect ring carrying vessel or an empty, solid-colored water bottle. You could even put the ring in a blanket, box of granola bars, or wrap it up in a lightweight jacket.

This method can be very effective if the object or accessory you're bringing with you is completely normal. Things like backpacks, camera bags, gym bags, and coffee mugs might be objects that your significant other is used to seeing you carrying outside of the house. Just make sure the prop makes sense for the occasion so they don't get suspicious.

Option #3: Hide The Ring At The Location

We recommend this option only if you know 100% that no one else has access to the location before you propose. When my brother proposed not too long ago, his plans changed when his hotel room got upgraded to a private garden level balcony. The garden outside the room was private and they were the only ones who had access to it, so he hid the ring in the bushes before dinner. He didn't have to worry about carrying it when it already had it's own hidden spot.

You can choose to do this right before the proposal or in advance. Either way, it could be a great option if you have access to a private location. Maybe you can hide it in your yard or quickly hide it somewhere while she's looking away. Hiding it somewhere could make for a fun starting point as you point it out and ask her to open it.

Cautionary tale - I have heard a story in the past about someone hiding the ring underneath a seashell at a beach. They were certain they knew exactly where it was. It ended up taking three hours to find the ring again once he came back with her. So make sure you know exactly where you hid the ring if you plan on coming back to it later on!

Option #4: Have An Accomplice Carry It For You

This is an idea I actually recently pulled off with one of my friends, and it worked perfectly. The three of us had agreed to go for a walk outside a few weeks ago since we had really great weather up here in Boston. Before we left, he slipped me the box that I put in my purse as we went for the walk. When he signaled to me that it was time to take a photo, I secretly handed him the box and the proposal was flawlessly executed.

Friends and family make for perfect accomplices when proposing. If you are ok with them being there when it happens, have them hold onto the ring in a secure place. She'll have no clue that the ring is being carried by someone else, and it'll make for the ultimate surprise.

Option #5: If All Else Fails, Ditch The Ring Box

Getting down on one knee and opening the box to reveal the ring really is every woman's dream. But sometimes, you just have nowhere to hide that bulky box. So it's time to modify things.

You can very easily hide the ring on you without the box. It can be easily hidden in a pocket or a wallet or even a small carrying pouch. They also sell very slim boxes online that help to eliminate the bulky box experience. While it may not be exactly what you had in mind, it can still work fine, and we promise she'll still love it.

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