How To Fly With An Engagement Ring [And Keep It A Secret!]

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Feb 15, 2021

How To Fly With An Engagement Ring [And Keep It A Secret!]

Planning to travel soon with your girlfriend? Think it's the perfect opportunity to pop the question? Proposing abroad is exciting, fun and can be totally unexpected. But with airport security at an all time high right now, you'll want to make sure to plan ahead so you can avoid ruining the surprise.

Most of the time you'll be asked to clear your pockets of any objects as you go through airport hiding the ring there temporarily is not the best idea. Having the ring tucked away in your bag won't set off any alarms, but there's always the chance your bag can get searched.

Here a few precautionary steps you can take to fly undetected with the engagement ring:

1) Leave the ring in the box or in a safe carrying case

The first thing you'll want to do is make sure the ring is safe and secure for travel. Usually the box that the ring came in is good for this. Typically these boxes have padding or cushioning to hold the ring securely in place, even if there are a few bumps along the way. If you're unsure about the ring box it came in or you want something more discreet, just make sure it's made out of soft material. There are also many thin ring cases that you can find online that would allow you to be more discreet and hide the ring in your suitcase with ease.

You'll want to avoid wrapping up the box in anything like plastic wrap or paper. If your bag is checked, you could be asked to unwrap the package to reveal its contents.

2) Attach a subtle note on the box just in case your bag is searched

While we have to let airport security do their jobs, there's no harm in attaching a note asking for some subtly if they need to search your bag. If you are unfortunate enough to be chosen for a search, a note can sometimes prevent the surprise from being ruined.

We recommend attaching a note with a rubber band or tape that says something like, "Engagement ring - please be discreet." This should successfully tip off the officer so they can try to turn their backs or be more private.

3) Place the box inside an article of clothing or something she wouldn't think to open

This is especially important if you are sharing a bag or if your girlfriend tends to help you pack. Try to place the ring box inside an article of clothing, like a sock or glove, for an extra layer of protection and security. This will help you keep the secret and hopefully throw off any suspicious. Even if she sees the contents of your bag, she probably won't think twice about it if it looks like a regular item of clothing.

4) Fill your bag and make sure there aren't items that will cause a bag search

Number one way to avoid a bag search? Triple check there's nothing in your bag that'll prompt one. This means making sure toiletries are the right size, your laptop is out, there are no sharp objects that could be deemed unsafe, and most of all - no liquids! If you have a water bottle, make sure to empty it or throw it out if it's plastic. Avoid anything that might trigger concern by airport security.

5) If your bag does get searched, try to distract her or ask her to leave

Sometimes you might get chosen for a random bag search. It happens. Even with your added layers of protection and discretionary note, you still run the risk of ruining the surprise. You could potentially ask her to leave or distract her somehow. You'll have to act fast! Maybe you can get her back turned away from the search or ask her to go ahead and grab you a magazine. Don't lose hope if this happens, just try to think of a way to divert attention elsewhere while the search is happening.

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