5 Most Popular Engagement Rings Alternatives

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Feb 15, 2021

Do you love to add your own unique spin on your fashion choices? Don't always go with what is the "most traditional" option? More women today than ever before are opting to ditch the classic diamond ring for something much more unique: something that shows their personality and will set them apart from their peers.

While we've sold a diamond or two (ok, more like thousands!) in our 135 year history, we also support this growing trend towards engagement ring alternatives. There are plenty of incredible options if you want something that is fashion forward and unique.

While we love the classic look of diamonds, engagement ring alternatives are in (as predicted in our 2015 engagement ring trends), and it's a trend we don't see dying out anytime soon! Let's take a look at the 5 most popular engagement ring alternatives that we've seen so far in 2015:

1. Blue Sapphires


Sapphires have been popular for ages, especially in the royal courts. They appear elegant and sophisticated. It's no wonder that once Kate Middleton's ring (originally Princess Diana's) became a talking point in modern culture, many women took notice. Today, blue sapphires can be seen in many different shades, like this light vibrant blue sapphire ring above. A stone like this adds an extra level of uniqueness from the more traditional dark blue hues you would normally find for an alternative engagement ring.

2. Pink Sapphires

via O'Malley Photography & Style Me Pretty

Rose gold is the new "it" metal for someone who wants an engagement ring that looks soft and romantic. With fashion icons, like Lauren Conrad, opting for this pink metal, women everywhere have begun to take notice. To compliment the warm coloring of a rose gold ring, pink sapphires have started to become very popular. The ring featured above shows a light pink sapphire set in rose gold that is beautiful and feminine.

3. Mix and Match Diamond Stacks


Channel your inner fashionista with this unique take on an engagement ring. Mixing and matching diamond bands with different metals, colors and styles to create your own fashionable stack of rings on your left hand is the newest craze for alternative engagement rings. Some women are ditching the classic engagement ring look to instead create their own customized diamond stack. Following this trend, new bands can be added for different anniversaries or big milestones in the future.

4. Emeralds

via Jason Corey Photography

Want something unique that is sure to stand out? Then emeralds might be the diamond alternative you were looking for. These stunning green gemstones are beautiful and eye-catching. They also are loosely connected to Irish culture, a great way to celebrate your heritage. Add some sparkle to the ring by setting an emerald stone in a diamond halo or adding diamonds along the band of the ring. A word of caution though... some stones like emeralds are relatively soft, so make sure they are set in a way that protects the gemstone and avoid this option if you are hard on your hands!

5. Colored Diamonds


Colored diamonds are making quite a splash in the engagement ring world. While colorless diamonds have been the norm for many decades, unique and rare colored diamonds like yellow, pink or blue diamond rings, have started to become increasingly popular. With high profile celebrities like Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson sporting yellow diamond engagement rings, it's no secret that these colored beauties will turn heads. (Learn more about colored diamonds and find out why they are so rare.)

Are you considering a diamond engagement ring alternative? You can find a selection of any of these styles and more at all five Long's locations. Just make an appointment or visit one of our five retail stores in MA to see all of your options!

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