8 Engagement Ring Tips For Your Outdoorsy Girl

Author Veronica Rose
Date Jul 12, 2019

8 Engagement Ring Tips For Your Outdoorsy Girl

Your weekends are spent outside, hiking through the woods, kayaking by a body of water within walking distance of your home or scaling your go-to mountain. Your favorite date night is spent with your significant other, maybe camping and staring up at the stars. If one or all of these scenarios apply, chances are you're a lover of the great outdoors. But you already knew that. What you want to know is how to incorporate that into the perfect engagement ring, and we can help with that! Check out our top 8 tips for picking out an engagement ring fit for your outdoorsy girl.

1. Platinum or Bust

We could go on and on about why Platinum rings are THE best option - and we have. But if you're just interested in the basics, here's what you need to know. Platinum is strong and durable which is super important if you're spending your free time climbing rocks, digging through a garden, doing water excursions or hitting your knuckles against things all the time during your daily activities. You are definitely going to want to invest in a precious metal that will withstand this type of wear and tear but will still stay bright and beautiful. Which brings us to our next point-platinum is the only metal that will not change color over time.

2. Keep a Low Profile
8 Engagement Ring Tips For Your Outdoorsy Girl

Another way to prevent damage to an engagement ring is to go with a ring that doesn't take up too much space. When a ring takes up too much space, the diamond juts out at the top making it more vulnerable to outside elements. You definitely don't want to knock your diamond right out of its mounting. This means getting an engagement ring with a low profile. A low profile ring ensures that the diamond will not stick up and there will be a gradual incline from the shank to the mounting. No lost diamonds here!

3. The More Prongs the Better

An important factor to consider when looking at engagement rings is the stone's security in its prongs, which is especially important when it is compromised by an active lifestyle. With so many opportunities to damage a ring or knock a stone loose by spending time outdoors, security is everything. A good way to keep a diamond in place on engagement ring is to make sure it is set safely and securely with more prongs. Most rings have about four prongs but you can get an engagement ring with six prongs or even more to give you that extra piece of mind.

4. Textured Finish

8 Engagement Ring Tips For Your Outdoorsy Girl

All engagement rings are subject to constant wear and all precious metals will scratch-it is natural and inevitable. The chances of this increase exponentially if you are spending your days outside-meaning a lot of added stress on your engagement ring! Your ring will be exposed to changing temperatures, chemicals, excess water, bumps, and bangs. This is why it is important to either pick a ring that will be able to withstand this wear and tear or pick a finish that will make the wear and tear less noticeable. Textured finishes on the band are perfect for disguising constant nicks and scratches and include brushed, stone, satin, ice, and Florentine.

5. Keep it Simple

The last thing she needs or wants is a delicate ring with extravagant detailing. It's not her style. That is why it is best just to keep things simple with out all the frills. Delicate detailing also has a tendency to break easily and this will not bode well with a girl constantly on the move.

6. Bezel Set

8 Engagement Ring Tips For Your Outdoorsy Girl

Chances are, if you're new to shopping for engagement rings or just new to general jewelry terminology, you've probably never heard of the term "bezel set". A bezel set ring is a term for the frame of metal that closely surrounds the diamond or stone. This sleek and modern setting keeps the stone very secure as it is so tightly set around the diamond. With this tightly secure frame, it is perfectly suited for anyone with an active lifestyle.

7. Sustainable and Ethical Diamonds

Does she have a passion for sustainability? If so, it might be worth while to look into the Kalahari Dream engagement ring collection. Among many of the issues listed on their page, this brand is part of the diamond industry's global initiative to foster better lives for local communities in South Africa. With a Kalahari Dream diamond you would be supporting the economic growth and education initiatives that are so desperately needed in a third world country.

8. Unique

8 Engagement Ring Tips For Your Outdoorsy Girl

Now that we have covered all of the practical bases for an engagement ring, the last and final thing to consider is whether it will fit her unique style. Will this ring be personal to her? Most women that have a passion for the outdoors tend to gravitate towards rough natural diamonds that reflect this lifestyle as well. Modern, natural looking diamonds with rough cuts are different yet beautiful. Go against the grain and find a unique ring that she will love.

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