Are Certain Diamond Shapes More Expensive Than Others?

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Feb 15, 2021

Are Certain Diamond Shapes More Expensive Than Others?

It's no secret that diamonds are a big investment, especially if you are looking for a large stone. There are so many little factors that go into determining the price of a diamond that every little detail can play a large role in the final price of the stone.

The "Four Cs" largely influence the value of a diamond, with characteristics like flawless and colorless that drive the price up significantly. But, there are smaller, lesser known details that can also contribute to the price of a diamond. One of the lesser known factors that we'll focus on here is a diamond's shape.

It's easy to assume that all diamond shapes are priced out exactly the same. This is mostly true. However, you might be surprised to hear that some shapes will cost more or less than the standard round cut diamond!

What are the different diamond shapes and cuts?

Let's first look at some of the different diamond shapes and cuts. A diamond's shape can impact a lot, including the stone's price and visual impact. Below, you'll find some of the most popular diamond cuts today:


Each diamond shape and cut will play with light in a different way. Round diamonds, for instance, are cut in a way that makes the stone the most brilliant. Emerald cut diamonds, however, produce a "hall-of-mirrors" effect with their signature step design. To find out more about each diamond shape, check out this article on the 7 best diamond shapes you can buy.

And how does diamond shape affect its price?

While round cut diamonds are the most popular today, they are also one of the most expensive! A round cut diamond can even cost as much as 30% more than a similar fancy shaped diamond.

Why are round cut diamonds generally more expensive than other shapes? Well, for one, there is a much larger demand for round cut diamonds. A round diamond is meant to be cut in a way that optimizes light return, maximizing the potential brightness of the stone. The proportions of a round stone are the perfect set-up for light to come into a diamond and reflect back to your eye in a way that makes the diamond look truly stunning. This plays a large role in why this shape is so popular and has been for decades. This is not to say that a round diamond is superior to the other shapes. Other shapes like princess and cushion cut diamonds can also be beautiful stones!

Round cut diamonds will also cost more because they require the most raw material to be made. It takes a larger rough diamond to cut a round diamond than other shapes. The cost for each carat retained from cutting a round diamond is relatively high. Other fancy cut diamonds, such as princess cut, use less wasted material when they are being professionally cut so are typically less money carat for carat.

The best way to understand the different factors that affect a diamond's price is to start looking at diamonds in person. Round cut diamonds may be the priciest option, but you'll be able to understand why when you see one for yourself. If you'd like to look at diamond's, no commitment required or strings attached, considering making an appointment to meet with a diamond expert at one of our five retail locations.

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