What Makes Beyonce's Diamond Ring Flawless?

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Feb 15, 2021

What Makes Beyonce's Diamond Ring Flawless?So Beyonce might have one of the world's largest engagement rings, but why does she also brag so much that her diamond ring is simultaneously "flawless"? It's because a flawless diamond is extremely rare and therefore expensive.

Clarity, one of the Four C's of loose diamonds, is a measure of the amount/absence of inclusions in and blemishes on a diamond. Clarity ranges from flawless (Beyonce's engagement ring) to included/imperfect.

These blemishes and imperfections on the diamond are a direct result of the diamond-making process. When natural diamonds are formed, they are put under tremendous heat and pressure deep down in the earth. This pressure causes a variety of internal inclusions and blemishes that contribute to a diamond ring having a lesser clarity.

A diamond's clarity grade is determined by the number, size, relief, nature, and position of these blemishes and inclusions, as well as how these actually affect the overall appearance of the diamond. To find a diamond that is virtually "flawless," let alone one that is also large, is incredibly rare. That's why Beyonce's 18 carat, octagon-cut diamond ring is valued at over $5 million!

Many inclusions cannot even be seen with the naked eye and are only apparently visible when magnified. But, nevertheless, the price of loose diamonds will be higher the closer to "flawless" a diamond actually is.

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