Diamond Myths... Busted!

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Feb 15, 2021

Diamond Myths BustedAs you search for the right diamond ring, it's easy to get overwhelmed with information. And some of that information is purely myth!

Long's is here to debunk the 3 biggest diamond myths to make your search a little easier.

Myth #1: Diamonds are indestructible

While diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance, they can absolutely still chip and break. Typically, diamonds are cut using lasers and other diamonds, but if you whack a diamond against something hard or even drop it at certain angle onto a hard floor, you’ll damage it. A well designed ring will help protect the diamond from harm and, if broken, a diamond can usually be re-polished to a smaller size.

Myth #2: Diamonds shrink over time

No, diamonds do not actually shrink. However, as tastes change some women find themselves longing for a bigger diamond. So they might ask, “Does this diamond look smaller to you?" followed by, “Maybe I should get a bigger one!” Don’t worry, most jewelers offer trade in policies so you can put the value of the shrinking diamond towards a new one.

Myth #3: Diamonds can be used to quickly cut through glass

You’ve seen the movie or the cartoon, where a thief uses a diamond ring to cut a perfect circle out of a glass window. That’s a myth too. Diamonds are harder than glass, so a diamond will scratch glass quite easily. But cutting through a pane of glass? Not going to happen unless you take a lot of time, patience and pressure.

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