Diamond Intensive Style Engagement Rings

Author Long's Diamond Team
Date Feb 15, 2021

For some women, you can never have enough diamonds. They want diamonds all over the ring and believe in making a statement. That’s where diamond intensive styles come into play.

Diamond intensive engagement rings include heavily decorated halo rings, rings with rows of channel set, prong set or even pave set diamonds (derived from the French word meaning pavement, so picture a flat, diamond encrusted path).

The prices of diamond intensive styles can vary, but expect them to be anywhere from a little more to a lot more than the other ring styles described here. Here are just a few diamond intense rings:

Double French-Set Mounting
Starting at $3,450

Double French-Set Mounting
Starting at $3,450

U-Set and Prong Set Split Shank Mounting
Starting at $6,500

Pave Three Row Setting
Starting at $6,000

Three Row Cathedral Setting
Starting at $6,500

Graduating Channel Setting
Starting at $7,000

Graduating Princess Channel Setting
Starting at 7,725

Three Sided Halo Setting
Starting at $3,550

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