7 Best Selling Diamond Engagement Rings In 2014

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Feb 15, 2021

Now that we have officially left 2014 behind, we can look back and reminisce a little. We loved hearing about all the creative and fun proposals that took place last year, and we welcome all the new couples that will stop by our stores in the coming year. Time to bring on 2015!

As we look back and plan ahead, we always enjoy looking at some of the top sellers in all of our jewelry categories. For engagement rings, there were some classics that continued to hold strong. But, we were surprised by a few that crept up on our list. We're starting to see more and more people who are interested in finding a new and interesting twist on classic ring styles.

Let's dive in and take a look at our top 7 best selling diamond engagement rings in 2014:

1) "Old Faithful" - The Classic Solitaire

7 Best Selling Diamond Engagement Rings In 2014

To none of our surprise, the top selling ring from 2014 was the classic solitaire. While there may be a few surprises further down the list, for many years the top selling ring has been something similar to the ring featured above. A classic solitaire is a timeless choice that is simple, elegant, and will never go out of style. In this case, simple is the way to go, especially if you are unsure of her ring preferences. The classic solitaire is always a safe choice for any woman.

The ring featured here has a knife edge setting where the two sides come up to a sharp point on the band. There are many other styles to choose from that feature plain bands that highlight the beautiful center diamond. Our top selling classic solitaire rings feature both white gold and platinum metals, both of which are great choices to create a modern and clean look for the ring. To learn more about the differences between engagement ring metals, click here.

2) "Do I Detect A Little Accent?" - Classic Solitaire with Diamond Accent Band

18K White Gold Anadare Round Brilliant Lattice Micropave Diamond Band Engagement Ring
#LDM5816, $1,840 (mounting only)


The second ring on our list is the sidekick to the classic solitaire. This classic solitaire featuring diamond accents on the band is a close second in this race to the top. Similar to the classic, this type of ring is a safe choice for any woman. It features a center diamond but has a little more embellishment on the side of the ring that gives it more sparkle over the plain band look.

The ring featured here has diamonds that are "bead set". There are a few different types of settings that feature side diamonds, but the ring here is a popular choice for a modern woman. It's a good selection for a woman who wants the simple and classic look of a solitaire, but who also wants a little extra sparkle and pizazz with her ring.

3) "I'm So Fancy" - The Detail-Work Solitaire

18K White Gold Graduated Bead Set Milgrain Engagement Ring by A. Jaffe
#LDM6504, $2,950 (mounting only)

7 Best Selling Diamond Engagement Rings In 2014

This one was a bit of a surprise to us! The third ring on our list features a special twist on the classic solitaire. This ring has a graduated bead set milgrain setting that is unique and gives a little more character to the ring. This is another great choice for a woman who likes the look and simplicity of a solitaire setting but wants something just a little bit different. The milgrain work on this ring gives it a vintage-inspired feel that appears one-of-a-kind. We predict 2015 will be a strong year for the classic solitaire with detail-work as people continue to desire subtle changes from the traditional "old faithful."

4) "Say Hello To the Halo" - The Round Diamond Halo

Platinum French-Set Halo Diamond Band Engagement Ring by Ritani
#LDM6629, $2,950 (mounting only)

7 Best Selling Diamond Engagement Rings In 2014

While classic solitaire rings continue to dominate the top of our list, not far behind are rings that have the diamond halo. A halo engagement ring features smaller diamonds that surround the center stone. This has increasingly become a very popular style among younger brides. The halo gives the illusion of a larger diamond by adding volume on all sides. The halo is also a throwback to vintage engagement rings that often featured this popular design.

The circle halo topped the list at #4 for 2014. This particular model had small diamonds along the shoulder of the diamond to give the entire ring a beautiful look. Considering a halo engagement ring? Click here to see some of our top picks for halo rings.

5) "It's Hip To Be Square" - The Square Diamond Halo

Platinum Square Halo Diamond Ring with Pave Band by Ritani
#LDM6268, $2,190 (mounting only)

Right behind the round diamond halo comes the square diamond halo. The difference between the two really comes down to shape of the halo. The squared diamond halo fits perfectly around a classic brilliant round diamond. The square diamond halo can also fit around a square, princess-cut diamond depending on the look you are going for.

The ring featured here has a square halo around a round stone. This ring, created by Ritani, is a great choice made in platinum. It features a stunning ring of diamonds in a subtle square shape around the center stone and small diamonds along the ring's band.

6) "Three's Company" - The Classic Round Three-Stone

Platinum Three Stone Engagement Ring on Solid Band
#FRVA0199, $4,450

7 Best Selling Diamond Engagement Rings In 2014

Another popular choice in 2014 was the classic round three-stone engagement ring. The three-stone has been around for a while, and it quite a romantic choice. The three stones represent the past, present, and future of your personal love story. Not only is the choice of ring symbolic in this way, but it also is a great way to add volume to the ring to optimize its sparkle.

This featured ring has a plain platinum band and three perfectly cut round diamonds. The center diamond is highlighted by the smaller diamonds on either side, and together the three form a perfect, sparkly union. The three-stone ring is an easy choice for any woman.

7) "The Princess And The Peas" - The Princess Cut Three-Stone

Last but not least on our top 7 list is another version of the three-stone engagement ring. Featured here is the princess cut three-stone ring, which has three square diamonds in a row. This is not much of a stray from the three-stone round diamond ring, but the ring is slightly different with the shape of the diamonds. The ring featured here can be found in our Long's collection and uses white gold metal.

It may not be 2014 anymore, but we predict that many of these rings will stay on the top of our most popular list as we enter 2015. If you are interested in seeing any of these rings, feel free to make an appointment at any of our five retail stores.

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