Diamond Accent Style Engagement Rings

Author Long's Diamond Team
Date Feb 15, 2021

Diamond accent engagement rings are similar to classic engagement rings, yet have a little bit more diamond design for more sparkle. They also make more of a statement than the classic engagement ring.

This ring style is great for women who appreciate the finer details and are somewhere between understated and flashy. The prices for these rings tend to be slightly higher than classic styles because there are additional diamonds included in the style. However, these rings will stay well below the price of diamond intensive rings.

Here are a few examples of diamond accent engagement rings that can be found at Long's Jewelers:

Petite Pave Setting
Starting at $1,525

Petite Pave Setting
Starting at $1,525

Sapphire & Diamond Setting
Starting at $1,250

Princess Cut Channel Set Mounting
Starting at $1,850

Cathedral Pave Setting
Starting at $1,250

Three Row Diamond Setting
Starting at $5,000

Three Sided Pave Setting
Starting at $2,550

Shared Prong Setting
Starting at $1,500


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