6 Best Solitaire Engagement Rings

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Feb 15, 2021

5562913506_98d1028ff7_zSolitaire engagement rings are the most classic style of diamond rings that you can buy. Solitaire rings have been around for years and are not going out of style anytime soon. They really are timeless.

Even though solitaire engagement rings are very popular, there are different styles for this type of diamond ring that you can choose from that can make your ring more unique. The type of setting and the band can help differentiate your solitaire ring from others.

Using our 130 plus years of diamond expertise, we have narrowed down the best solitaire engagement ring styles to these six. Here are our recommendations if you are looking to buy this style of diamond ring:

1. Trellis

6 Best Solitaire Engagement Rings

Trellis solitaire engagement rings are built to be very sturdy with their criss crossing prongs to hold the diamond in place. The criss cross pattern that you can see from the side adds a little character and is more unique than the regular pronged setting.

It almost looks like the diamond is sitting in a carefully crafted nest of metal. If you're looking for something a little bit different from the regular prong that is used for many solitaire rings, consider the trellis style.

2. Cathedral

6 Best Solitaire Engagement Rings

Cathedral solitaire engagement rings have a setting that comes to a peak at the top near the diamond. It holds the diamond in place and has sweeping arches of metal to frame the diamond on either side. Cathedral settings are meant to mimic the elegance and grace of a cathedral and make the diamond the focal point of the ring.

Many people love the elegance of this solitaire style setting. And, it is a sturdy style because the arches provide protection for the diamond.

Cathedral style engagement rings can also be a good style to choose if you are on a tight budget. The height and uniqueness of this style really make it shine without having to add extra diamonds. With the arches highlighting the center diamond, the diamond is accentuated and can appear bigger than it actually is.

3. Bezel

6 Best Solitaire Engagement Rings

Bezel set solitaire engagement rings hold the diamond in place by circling it with a metal rim while extending slightly above the diamond's girdle. This is one of the most secure diamond settings out there, because the diamond is held safely between the metal and is even sunk a little below it to give it extra protection.

Bezel set rings are a great choice for a solitaire ring if you have a very active lifestyle, because you will not have to worry as much about damaging the diamond. The metal rim also acts as a shield from any imperfections or chips that are visible on the sides of the diamonds.

Another advantage to this type of ring is that it can accommodate a number of different wedding band styles. Below the bezel set, you can add wedding band styles like diamond intensive or simple bands. There is greater flexibility with this setting type that allows you to customize the entire ring, while other styles may limit the choice of band.

4. Knife Edge

6 Best Solitaire Engagement Rings

Knife edge solitaire engagement rings are a style of ring that really enhance the beauty of the stone and provide a very classic look. The "knife edge" refers to the two slanted sides on the ring that meet at a point on the top, which means that the shoulders of the ring are narrow and delicate. The style can either be a sharp or soft knife-edge depending on the look that you are going for.

The knife-edge style will really help highlight the beautiful stone on the ring and has a very delicate appearance.

5. Wide Band

6 Best Solitaire Engagement Rings

Wide band solitaire engagement rings refer to bands that are the same width as the diamond. The two sides of the metal meet at the diamond without pinching in. Wide bands make it look like everything is continuous and give the metal band a little more emphasis than some of the other settings.

While the diamond may not be as pronounced with this type of setting, the style is very modern and unique. It gives the solitaire ring a different look that makes for a more complete, fluid ring design.

6. Vintage Inspired


Vintage inspired solitaire engagement rings have a lot of personality and character. Each vintage inspired ring is different but usually consists of intricate details that mimic the craftsmanship that is characteristic of jewelry from decades ago. And these rings are sure to be conversation starters because they will stand out from normal diamond or plain bands that you would normally find on a solitaire.

If you want something unique, then the vintage inspired style may be a great style of ring to consider for your solitaire diamond.

Think the solitaire style is right for your ring purchase? We can help you find the perfect completed look!

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