4 Ways To Add Something Extra Special To Solitaire Engagement Rings

Author Taylor Rao
Date Mar 4, 2021


We all know the phrase “less is more,” right? But when it comes to dreaming about your engagement ring, you wouldn't think this still applies...Today, however, the minimalist vibe is so on-trend, and consumers are becoming more educated on how to make the most logical engagement ring purchase not only for their their budget, but for their lifestyle.

Cue: the solitaire ring. A classic engagement ring style that sounds exactly like  it is --a single diamond or stone attached to a band.  At first glance, a solitaire ring doesn’t seem to be overly flashy, detailed or unique. But it really doesn't get much more minimalist than a classic solitaire ring-and if that's what you want, go for it! It’s no secret diamonds are beautiful in any shape or size.

So let’s say you’ve always dreamed of a solitaire diamond but you still want your ring to make an impact when you show it off to friends and family. There are plenty of ways to select a solitaire engagement ring that will "wow" the crowd and deliver that effortless, sparkling beauty a simple diamond ring provides.

Read on to learn four ways to shake up a solitaire engagement ring to make your finger shine bright like a diamond and then some!

Add Some Diamonds (to Your Band)

If you’re sticking with a solitaire, but wish there was just a bit more glam, don’t be afraid to go for a ring with diamonds along the band. This is what's going to give you that 360-degree shine.
Don't worry, adding diamonds to your ring won’t deter from your ring's classic simplicity, but rather complement the focal point of the ring --in this case a bold, bright oval --and bring a warm, sparkly glow from every angle.

Go with a Colored Stone

If you love the simplicity of a solitaire ring, but a traditional diamond isn’t for you, consider switching out that diamond for a colored stone instead. Some colored stones, like sapphires, have nearly equal hardness to a diamond, meaning it is a durable stone, good for day-to-day wear-thus making it a safe choice for an engagement ring. And if you keep the band plain, it'll ensure that your stone is the main focus as it catches the light and brightens up your ring finger.

Switch Up the Setting

The most typical setting for a diamond engagement ring is the use of prongs that elevate the diamond or diamonds above the band to display them front and center. Another way to mix it up with your solitaire setting is to use a different one-like the bezel setting.
A bezel setting completely encircles your diamond in the metal of your choice, and makes for a sleek, modern look that will separate your ring from the rest.

Let Your Diamond Take a Different Shape

Diamonds can be cut into all different shapes and sizes, and if you’re only going to have one on your ring, you might as well explore all options to find the perfect one for you! Chances are, you’ve seen quite a few round diamonds in your day, and you might be looking for something more out of the box.
So, how about a princess cut? Something you don’t see all too often with solitaire rings, the square shaped diamond has a gorgeous, sparkly surface area, and it accentuates the prong setting while sitting perfectly atop your finger.

If you’ve enjoyed these tips on how to make your solitaire ring stand out, you’ll certainly enjoy shopping for your engagement ring at Long’s Jewelers, where all of these unique styles are available plus so many more. Stop by a Long’s Jewelers today or browse online to get some inspiration for the ring of your or your fiancé-to-be’s dreams!


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