4 Engagement Ring Trends We're Seeing Everywhere [2021]

Author Veronica Rose
Date Feb 26, 2021

If this crazy year has taught us anything it is that nothing is more important in life than the ones we love. Not even a global pandemic can stop love, and it certainly hasn’t slowed down engagements! Now, just as they always have, couples are keeping an eye on the trends and looking for the best engagement rings to say yes to. Read below for our top four popular engagement ring trends you’ll be sure to fall in love with!

Three Stone

Platinum Three-Stone Oval Engagement Ring SettingPlatinum Three-Stone Channel Set Engagement Ring Setting

It’s only fitting that one of the most popular engagement ring trends should be one that actually originated in Boston. Yes, the three-stone engagement ring style is even known to some as the “Boston Ring” and with three times the stones, it has three times the sparkle! Perfect for showcasing one or two side stone heirloom diamonds from a mother, grandmother or even a spouse’s family members, this style can be quite sentimental. 

Yellow Gold Solitaires

18K Yellow Gold Four-Prong Engagement Ring Setting18K Yellow Gold Tapered Shank Half Bezel Set Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting

You can never go wrong with the classics and nothing says a classic engagement ring like a simple solitaire diamond. What we’ve been noticing lately, though, is that as a new twist on the solitaire ring, 2021 brides are choosing to go with yellow gold instead of the white gold or platinum. Yellow gold rings were popular in the 80’s as well and now that their daughters are growing up and getting married themselves, perhaps some are opting for the similar softer metals like their mothers before them as a sweet touch. 

Hidden Halos

18K White Gold Prong Set Lyric Engagement Ring | 18K White Gold Pippa Engagement Ring Setting

Couples these days are including unique, personal touches when it comes to their wedding details - and their engagement rings. One special detail we’ve been noticing couples include with their engagement rings is a hidden halo. If you’re unfamiliar with this detail, it is a type of setting where the ring sparkles from all directions as the halo sits below the center diamond instead of around it. 

Fancy Cut

Platinum Oval Halo Micro-Pave Engagement Ring18K White Gold Cushion Halo Engagement RingPlatinum Pear Shaped Classic Engagement Ring Setting18K White Gold Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

As new brides-to-be shift further away from the traditional, we have noticed that there is a preference for diamond cuts and unique styles that say more about their personal story. Today’s couples are always looking for ways to be different and showcase their unique love story-and fancy cut diamond shapes are the perfect diamond cuts for this! Fancy cut diamond engagement rings, including that of oval, emerald, pear and marquise shapes, are all beautiful and yet very non-traditional. Last year, we noticed brides favoring the pear shaped diamond but this year we are noticing oval shapes gaining a lot more popularity. Whether it's in a halo, three-stone or even a colored stone, oval cut diamonds are the shape to beat!

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