Trendy Wedding Bands for Him [2019]

Author Veronica Rose
Date Feb 15, 2021


Personalization is key. Wedding ring trends have been evolving significantly and men’s wedding bands are no exception. From switching up metals to adding unique features, the hot trend as of late is personalizing that wedding band to match his particular style.

1. Mixed Metals DSC_9391editRing featured: 14k Rose Gold 7mm Band with Tantalum Satin Finish by Ammara Stone ($840)

Mixed metal wedding bands aren’t necessarily a novel concept but popularity for them has been drastically climbing. We predict you will definitely be seeing a lot more of these this year. This multiple metal band can make a bold statement or it can serve as a low-key and masculine alternative to the classic white or yellow gold band. Mixing metals can also be the perfect compromise. It is a clever way to solve an issue of conflicting styles between a couple - the groom can combine his favorite metal with his partners. If you are looking for a unique spin on a two-tone effect, then this 14K rose gold and Tantalum satin finish band is the way to go.

2. Rose Gold
Ring featured: 14K Rose Gold 6.5mm European Comfort-Fit Band by Benchmark ($895)

It was no coincidence that when we saw a rise in popularity for rose gold bands for women, men’s wedding band trends followed suit. Breaking convention from the typical yellow or white gold classic style, couples are choosing to go with a more romantic and soft take on wedding bands this season. As it has a wide range of pink and blush hues, it is up to you how rosy you want to go, making it even easier to customize for specific taste. This satin finish 14K rose gold European comfort-fit wedding band is the perfect blend of romance and masculinity - you can't go wrong!

3. Textured Details
Ring featured: 14K Two-Tone Gold 6.5 mm Band with Hammer Finish and Milgrain Detail by Diana ($1,010)

The trend to follow this year is textured finishes. It is an interesting way to make a ring stand out, especially for the man’s man, who may not always be gentle to his band over time. Adding textured details to a wedding band is also a fun and fresh way to incorporate traditional, natural materials into a solitary piece of jewelry a man will wear forever. This textured 14K two-tone gold band pictured above with platinum center, hammered finish and milgrain detail will be sure to withstand the tests of time.

4. Damascus Steel
Ring featured: Damascus Stainless Steel 6mm Band with Slightly Rounded Profile by Chris Ploof ($490)

And last, but certainly not least, there is the stainless steel Damascus pattern. Fashioned from the same steel as that of Vikings and Samurai, this intriguing and durable wedding band style will be sure to turn heads. He will definitely stand out from the crowd with Chris Ploof 's 6mm Damascus stainless steel band shown above. This enduring style is the ultimate way to make a statement while also showing off a refined masculinity. What man can resist that?

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