3 Ways To Personalize Your Wedding Bands

Author Sam Hussey
Date Feb 15, 2021

Your wedding band isn't just the one piece of jewelry you'll be wearing forever - it's a symbol of your love and quite possibly the only thing from your actual wedding day that will last a lifetime. This is why your wedding rings are just as important your engagement ring.

Along with choosing the style and color of your band, you also have numerous options for personalizing it! Make your day even more memorable by giving your band that extra special touch. Here are three ways you can make your wedding rings as distinct as the love you share:

1) Engrave Your Wedding Bands

Engrave Your Wedding Bands

You may have an idea of what type of wedding band you want, but have you given any thought to what else you can do with the ring? Engraving is the ultimate way to personalize your band.

Whether it's the date of your wedding, initials, a love note, or part of your wedding vows, this will make your ring that extra bit more personal. And did you know that basic engraving is offered FREE by most jewelers? Now that you do, it's time for you and your significant other to start thinking about what you might want on it.

Here are 13 traditional and unique engraving ideas that we've thought of to get you started!

2) Add Your Fingerprint To The Wedding Bands

Add Your Fingerprint To The Wedding Bands - Furrer Jacot

Make your wedding ring even more unique by getting your husband or wife's fingerprint etched onto the inside of your ring. We love this unique and modern idea!

Only a few jewelers specialize in this type of engraving, but it is well worth it. One of our favorite bridal brands, Furrer Jacot, offers this type of unique customization. At the time of purchase, you can have your loved one press their fingerprint into ink that is then mailed to the Furrer Jacot factory to be engraved. Many of our customers have opted for this option, and they've loved the extra meaning it brings to their wedding rings. Most of Furrer Jacot's high quality, luxurious wedding bands can be branded with your loved one's fingerprint.

While the band will forever be a symbol of your love, this personal touch is like taking a real part of your significant other wherever you go.

3) Add Diamonds & Gemstones In The Wedding Band


Option #1: Diamonds/Gemstones On The Outside

Another creative way to make your wedding band your own is by adding diamonds or gemstones to it! Eternity bands have become increasingly popular as people trade in the classic gold, white gold, and platinum for 360 degrees of diamond. For those who don't want a traditional look, colored gemstone wedding rings are an out of the box option that will add a pop of color to your wedding ring stack. Sometimes couples will choose colors that are meaningful to them, like birthstones or patriotic colors. You can opt to stack multiple colors for a cohesive and unique look.

Add Diamonds & Gemstones In The Wedding Band

Option #2: Diamonds/Gemstones On The Inside

Another way to incorporate diamonds and gemstones without making as bold of a statement is to have them inlayed into your wedding band. This is a great way to memorialize your marriage not only on the day of but every year following as you can add a stone with each anniversary! If this idea stands out to you, a great designer to explore is EVERBAND. Designed to cherish the journey of a relationship between you and your significant other, with an EVERBAND ring you can add a singular diamond to your band to honor every anniversary or major milestone.

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