Our 4 Favorite Black Wedding Bands for Men

Author Veronica Rose
Date Apr 2, 2021

Black wedding bands are a popular ring style for men these days as they are sleek, interesting and unique. Demand for black bands has been off the charts!

This new, trendy look provides a unique twist on the modern men's wedding band and offers a change from the more traditional platinum or gold wedding band that a lot of grooms still buy today.

Many men who come in looking for black wedding bands often think that tungsten is the best metal type to achieve this type of look. However, what many people don't realize is that tungsten is not a metal we like to recommend because it is impossible to fix if damaged, it cannot be resized and it is very difficult to cut the tungsten band off your finger during an emergency situation.

Based on the popularity of these rings and our customers' reviews, here are the four rings that we believe are the best black wedding rings you can buy:

1. Chris Ploof Damascus Steel and Palladium Gun Barrel Wedding Band (Retail: $1,792.50)


Ring Details: Damascus Steel, 18K White Gold
Wedding Band Style: Modern
Width: 7.00 mm.

This wedding band features a swirl design fashioned from damascus steel and a limited edition vintage Belgian shotgun barrel cross section, circa 1870 with narrow rails and liner of 18K white gold with a flat (shown) or slightly rounded profile and comfort fit interior. The unique choice of using elements from real gun barrels makes this popular men's wedding band both intriguing and fashion-forward.

2. Furrer Jacot 18K Rose Gold and Carbon Fiber Band (Retail: $1,610)

Ring Details: 18K rose gold and carbon fiber, 7 mm

If you are looking for a really great quality, high end black wedding band, then this 18k rose gold diamond and carbon fiber center band from Furrer Jacot will be one of your best bets. It features a carbon fiber center with high polished, engraved edges accented with diamonds. The diamond details alongside the black carbon center make them really pop and gives some extra personality to the ring. This ring also is available in yellow and white gold if you want to add some more color to the band.


3. Tantalum Band with a Mokume Pattern Center and High Polish Bevel Edges (Retail: $506.25)

Ring Details: Tantalum, 7 mm

This Tantalum design band places a new emphasis on modern style featuring a stunning Mokume designed pattern. The band is 7 mm wide with a very unique brushed finish mokume pattern center stripe, which runs the circumference of the ring. The ring has a heavy comfort fit and high polished beveled edge. 

In case you have never heard of it, Tantalum is a very rare, pure earth metal that is extremely inert in comparison to other contemporary metals. This elusive, hypoallergenic metal is also very ductile, allowing it to be stretched unlike other forms of contemporary metals in the market. Wearing this intricate design and unique metal as a wedding band adds that extra personality to the ring. If you're looking for something that is a little more interesting while still having that black color, consider this band from the Tantalum Collection.


4. Frederick Goldman 14K White Gold Carbon Fiber Band (Retail: $1,121.25)

Ring Details: 18k white gold with Carbon Fiber, 7 mm

This ring from Frederick Goldman is incredibly sleek and modern. Featuring a more simple design, this 18k white gold band is complemented by the carbon fiber on the edges as opposed to the center, giving it a more unique look. The contrast of colors makes for a more bold design while still maintaining some simplicity. The ring will also match virtually any outfit you will ever wear because of its mix of color and metal.

No matter which style band you are looking for, it's easy to find great choices when it comes to black that feature more durable, reliable metals!


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