4 Best Black Wedding Bands

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Aug 28, 2014

Black wedding bands are a popular style of ring these days. The demand for them has been off the charts!

This style of wedding band is new, interesting, and provides a unique twist on the modern men's wedding band. It offers a change from the more traditional platinum or gold wedding band that many still buy today.

Many men who come in looking for black wedding bands often think that tungsten is the best metal type to achieve this type of look. However, tungsten is not a metal we like to recommend if you looking for a black wedding band, because it is impossible to fix if damaged, it cannot be resized and is very difficult to cut off your finger during emergency situation.

Based on the popularity of these rings and our customers' reviews, here are the four rings that we believe are the best black wedding rings you can buy:

1. Diana Criss Cross Wedding Band (Retail: $1,075)

Ring Details: 14k White Gold, 7mm

This white gold band features a criss cross design that is etched into the metal. Inside of the criss cross you can find black carbon inlayed that gives the ring an interesting and fashion-forward look.

4 Best Black Wedding Bands

2. Ferrer Jacot Carbon Fiber with Diamond Center Wedding Band (Retail: $1,610)

Ring Details: Palladium with Carbon Fiber, 8mm

If you are looking for a really great quality, high end black wedding band, then this diamond center band from Ferrer Jacot will be one of your best bets. It features a palladium band with carbon fiber along the sides and diamonds in the middle. The diamonds in the middle alongside the black makes them really pop and gives some extra personality to the ring. This ring also is available in yellow and rose gold if you want to add some more color to the band.

4 Best Black Wedding Bands

3. Diana Celtic Wedding Band (Retail: $1,325)

Ring Details: 14k White Gold, 6.5mm

This Celtic inspired wedding band, designed by Diana, is very unique and is a great mix of white gold with carbon fiber inlay. The design on the ring is intricate, gives personality to the ring and is a great representation of design typically found in Irish jewelry. If you're looking for something that is a little more interesting while still having that black color, consider this band from Diana.

4 Best Black Wedding Bands

4. Ferrer Jacot Black Carbon Fiber Wedding Band (Retail: $1,530)

Ring Details: Palladium with Carbon Fiber, 9mm

This ring from Ferrer Jacot is incredibly sleek and modern. Featuring a more simple design, this palladium band is complimented by the carbon fiber on top. The contrast of colors makes for a more unique look while still maintaining some simplicity. The ring will also match virtually any outfit you will ever wear because of its mix of color and metal.

4 Best Black Wedding Bands

No matter which style band you are looking for, it's easy to find great choices when it comes to black that feature more durable, reliable metals!

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