21 Blogs You Need to Read Before Tying The Knot

Author Veronica Rose
Date Jun 25, 2021

So much to plan, so little time. And where do you even start? We've already rounded up everything you need to know about wedding bands but what about everything else? We definitely have the info for you so we thought we would round up all our blogs that have to do with planning your dream wedding-everything but the wedding bands! Scroll through our list of blogs and brush up on it all - from wedding invitations to bridal gifts to venues. Enjoy!

Unforgettable Wedding Day Gifts For The Groom

Since you don’t get to see your groom until you're standing at the altar, sending a little something to remind him how much you love him is the perfect preview to the ceremony. Whether it be a simple love note or a grand gesture, this special touch is greatly appreciated. Having trouble coming up with the perfect gift idea? Long's is here to help!


Tips for Choosing Jewelry For Your Wedding Day

The goal of wedding day jewelry is to enhance and complement everything else, meaning your natural beauty, your makeup, your gown, your hair etc. Planning a wedding can definitely be stressful, but picking your wedding day jewelry shouldn't be! Or at least with our help, it doesn't have to be. Read our 5 tips on how to style jewelry for your wedding day look.


Keys To A Successful Rehearsal Dinner

Ease in planning and executing for the soon-to-be bride and groom is key to rehearsal dinner planning, which is why choosing the right venue is so important. Together with our local rehearsal dinner expert, L'Andana, we've put together these key crucial planning tips to help you choose the perfect venue for your rehearsal dinner:



This Season’s Hottest Wedding Invitation Trends

 This is going to be the first impression of your big day, so presentation and style is key. You want your invitations to be personal, elegant, and most importantly representative of the amazing day. We've partnered with local wedding invitation experts Gus & Ruby, TAG Design, and SKO Designs to bring you the season's hottest wedding invitation trends.


Perfect Personalized Bridal Party Gifts

It's safe to say that without your bridesmaids by your side, wedding planning would be a lot more stressful and definitely not as much fun. Of course your friends are happy to help you no matter what, and that's what makes them so amazing. But it's still a kind gesture to show your thanks with a small gift-especially one that's personal to you and your bff!


Breathtaking Beach Wedding Gown & Jewelry Looks [Featuring: Flair Boston]

Do you dream about having your "I do's" at a wedding venue on the coast? We love beach weddings because not only is the scenery gorgeous, but everyone is a little bit happier celebrating on the sand. We have partnered with the dress experts at Flair Bridal Boutique on Newbury Street in Boston to inspire you with our timeless go-to beach wedding dresses and jewelry sets to match. Enjoy!


Should You Invest In Wedding Photography? [A Professional Photographer's Point Of View]

There are two important products whose value will only increase with time. First, there are the rings. The second-you guessed it-is the photographer. Your wedding photographer will be counted on to capture the emotions, the love and the excitement of you and your partner’s special day. The visuals of these memories will only become more important to you as you grow older.


Wedding Dress Neckline Trends & Jewelry To Match [Featuring: Flair Boston]

Fresh from the runway, the wedding dress trends that we have seen recently are simply stunning. We have partnered with the dress experts at Flair Bridal Boutique on Newbury Street in Boston to bring you the hottest neckline trends in the bridal world and the perfect jewelry sets to match. Enjoy!



Why Boston Is Actually A Pretty Amazing Place To Tie The Knot

Boston has a certain uniqueness, charm and history that makes it stand out. Full of interesting places and sites, its proximity to water makes for some stunning views. Long's has been Boston's most loved jeweler for over 135 years, and our city is one of the most amazing places to tie the knot. Read our five reasons Boston should be ranked one of the best cities to get married!


Trending Men's Wedding Tuxes In New England

We went to the experts at Milton's The Store For Men for everything that you need to know about the hottest trends for wedding suits and tuxes. Milton's has been a part of New England for over 70 years - and rightfully so. Their knowledgeable team knows how to put together a good outfit and knows how to help men look - and feel - their best.


Tips For Choosing A Wedding Videographer

At Long's, we're always helping our customers past the initial proposal. As you start to plan out the details of your wedding, we highly recommend considering a videographer. But where do you start when it comes to choosing the right one? We reached out to the local Boston experts at McElroy Weddings to give us some of their top tips for choosing the best video company.


Your Day, Your Way: How To Personalize Your Food & Beverage Experience

There are countless ways to tailor the food and beverage element of your wedding both in and out of the kitchen. Create an extraordinarily customized reception by putting a unique spin on both presentation, food, and beverage options with these tips from local Boston/Cambridge wedding expert Hotel Marlowe


Unique Wedding Desserts To Wow Your Guests

Dessert is one of the many ways you can use food and beverage to make your wedding your own. Together with tips and advice from local wedding dessert expert Cakes For Occasions, we've found eight unique wedding desserts that will give you the opportunity to do something special not only for your guests, but for yourself!


Unexpected Ways To Set Your Boston Wedding Apart From The Crowd

Adding personal touches that will give your guests a glimpse into your life together as a couple is the key to making every wedding unique. We talked with local wedding planning expert, Bree Oates, to bring you these five ideas that will wow your guests and making your Boston wedding stand out from the crowd.


Trending Wedding Dresses & Jewelry To Match [Featuring: Flair Boston]

We're pairing some of the most popular wedding dresses right now with modern jewelry that'll truly enhance the look. If you're in the market for a wedding dress or want to find a way to enhance your current dress with some jewelry, check out these four wedding dress/jewelry combos that'll completely wow your guests:


5 Unique Spots in Boston to Tie the Knot

Your wedding day should reflect you and your fiance's unique style and taste. Considering this will be one of the biggest days of your life, it should be a day that sticks out! Why stick to the status quo when you were born to stand out? Check out our top 5 wedding venues your friends and family definitely wont be expecting!


6 Breathtaking New Hampshire Wedding Venues

New Hampshire has so much to offer as a state and even more so as a setting for the perfect New England wedding. With its beautiful landscapes, including the seacoast, mountains, and lakes, it's a wonder we could even narrow this list down to six! Check out our top six wedding venues you and your partner will be sure to love now and for the rest of your lives.


Top 5 Boston Venues for the Glamorous Bride

This is the grandest, most important day of your life and for a bride with luxury and extravagance in mind, more is always more. We may not be with you on your special day but at the very least we can help with the planning! Here are our top picks for wedding venues in and around Boston that cater to the couple with a flair for glamour.


Wedding Day Gifts for Mom and Dad

Over the years, chances are you’ve heard your parents say they don’t need any gifts . And while that might be true, there has to be a way to truly thank your mom and dad for everything they’ve done during your wedding planning process. From childhood to this next phase in your adult life, they’ve been there, and you can give them something that they can cherish forever, too.


Essential Tips For Executing A Flawless Wedding Reception [ft. Boston Wedding Planners]

 To help you plan the perfect wedding reception, we teamed up with a couple of Boston's top wedding planners to give you the best advice on how to create a completely memorable reception experience. Take a look at the top wedding reception advice from Boston's finest wedding planners:


Wedding Day Jewelry to Match Your Bridal Look

While selecting the dress definitely sets the stage for the look you’re going for on your big day, you’re creating an overall vibe that includes how you wear your hair, what you want your makeup to look like, and of course, the accessories that will complement the entire aesthetic. Not sure where to get started? Here are some ideas on wedding day accessories.

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