Celebrating Moments In Time (Watch Holiday Gift Guide)

Author Veronica Rose
Date Feb 15, 2021

When it comes to celebrating life’s milestones, what gift could be more symbolic than a fine timepiece?  Representing not only the passage of time but moments in time that make life truly special. This makes them the perfect gift for all occasions from birthdays and graduations to wedding anniversaries and even the recognition of a well-earned achievement. Let the timepiece do all the talking-they are after all, a celebration of life!

Not only do fine timepieces make for the perfect gift but, over time, they can also become precious heirlooms to be passed from each generation to the next. No other gift has the power to pass on family stories and to even tell stories of their own quite like a watch can. Thanks to advances in watchmaking over the past decade, it is now easier than ever to keep watches in the family for decades more as opposed to hiding them away in a safe. With proper servicing, today’s luxury timepieces are robust enough that family members can wear and enjoy them for many lifetimes and future generations to come. Retaining its timeless value, a fine watch also serves to remind us of life’s precious moments and family memories.

Ladies Jewelry

Featured: Frederique Constant Slimline Moonphase Stars

Like icing on the cake, diamonds are a necessary and lovely finishing touch to a ladies’ beautiful watch. Although a dazzling addition, it is important to note that this doesn’t always mean layering the diamonds on thick. Diamond watches are already impressive enough without needing them to look like crown jewels. Even in smaller quantities, a watch can still look special and feminine with a few well-placed diamonds. Always considered to be romantic, the moonphase is so because of the beauty and poetry in its complication. Often considered one of the most graphic complications, it is therefore usually depicted in Ladies watches, like this Slimline Moonphase Stars timepiece, set with 60 diamonds, in a 39mm stainless steel case.

Men’s Classic 

Combining function with exquisite design and robustness, a great classic watch can take your look from day wear to weekend wear, even adapting to whatever harsh conditions thrown your way. With details sure to garner attention from admirers, the goal of these watches is to be wearable and functional, but not at the expense of a great design.

Featured: Nomos Orion

With its clean lines and subtle markings, the classic Orion watch was recently updated and has an entirely new caliber, the automatic 6101 with a date function. Even this olive gold color is new, among other new colors, with its subdued shade of green and a touch of fall’s golden warmth. Precision-made in the Glashotte watchmaking district of Germany, the Nomos Orion is unlike any other.

Men’s Heirlooms

Featured: Tudor Black Bay Bronze

Originally launched in 1954, the Black Bay was one of the world’s first professional dive watches and was used by divers in the French Navy. With all the signature features of the original, the new Bronze even has the distinctive snowflake hands. Its paramount resistance to salt water and impressive 200-meter water resistance makes Bronze the perfect material for diving watches. Adding character to the watch, the metal develops a patina unique to its wearer and its in-house manufacture movement, automatic Caliber MT5601 contains COSC certification and a 70-hour power reserve.

Men’s Chronographs

Being the hottest category of timepieces on the market, there have never been such an abundance of new model stainless steel sports watches. With muscle and purpose, the chronograph is the ultimate sports watch. Whether in the boardroom or on the track, wearing a chronograph timepiece shows you’re in the race. 

Featured: Tudor Black Bay Chrono S&G

Quickly climbing the ranks as collector’s favorite, the steel and gold Black Bay Chrono exudes both warmth and sportiness with its 26 mm case and its movement-caliber MT5813, chronometer-certified for ideal accuracy and reliability with a 70-hour power reserve. Be sure to note its signature “snowflake” style distinguished by the model’s angular hour hand.

Featured: Omega Speedmaster Racing

Chronometer-rated for accuracy, this bi-compax chronograph is a top professional timer. With a five-year manufacturer’s warranty, the movement is the Co-Axial Master Chronometer caliber 9900 and can be seen through the transparent caseback. The black ceramic bezel is given a tachometer scale in white enamel.

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