How Much Does a Watch Battery Replacement Cost?

Author Long's Jewelers
Date Feb 15, 2021

How much does a watch battery replacement cost?

At Long's, we replace thousands of batteries every year from all types of timepieces, new and old. We can tell you from experience that the cost of a basic battery replacement starts at just $10. Most watch battery replacements can be done while you wait (although some replacements will take a few days or, in very few cases, even a few weeks).

The $10 battery replacement is for watches that are not sealed for water resistance, which means watches that should not be submerged or exposed to water because of the possibility of a leak. Watches that need to be sealed for water resistance take longer to service because the watches are resealed, worn gaskets are replaced and each watch is carefully pressure-tested on professional equipment to ensure a proper seal going forward. Watches sent for water resistance battery replacement range in price from $45-$60 and chronograph models range from $65-$95.

It's important to note that while we're able to replace the batteries for most watches manufactured today, certain brands and models do require service from the original manufacturer’s factory.

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Long's has two master watchmakers on staff, plus dozens of trained customer service associates who can perform basic battery replacements along with watch sizing and adjustments. Stop by any of our New England retail locations today to get your watch working again or contact us with any questions.

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