Baselworld 2016: The Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze

Author Jen Whitley
Date Feb 15, 2021


Watch brands from around the globe recently met up at Baselworld 2016 to introduce their most magnificent and outstanding watches for the year. And they did not disappoint!

Tudor, a brand known for its reliable and vast variety of watches, has outdone themselves this year. During Baselworld 2016, Tudor introduced a new piece in their Heritage Black Bay watch collection: The Black Bay Bronze. This handsome divers watch is THE bronze watch that is going to dominate the market this year.

Take a look at this vintage inspired timepiece that every man must have:

The Newest Addition To The Black Bay Collection

Tudor's Black Bay collection welcomes a new style and variation with the addition of the Heritage Black Bay Bronze. The introduction of this watch at Baselworld has everyone talking. The Black Bay Bronze is a completely distinctive piece in the Black Bay collection with new visually extraordinary features. A larger timepiece with a domed dial, this 43mm divers watch has a greater presence and bolder appearance on the wrist.

Introduced in 2015 by Tudor, this watch contains their mechanical movement that is manufactured in house with a 70 hour power reserve and automatic winding. Along with this feature, this new timepiece is the first in its collection to display the numbers 3,6, and 9 as markings on the dial.

The Visual Originality

This magnificently designed watch has a gorgeous bronze brush finish with a matte brown dial and bezel. Tudor specifically chose to use bronze for this watch because of the distinct and individualized patina each watch will gain over time. Because this watch has a bronze brushed finish, the patina will evenly spread over the watch, creating a sought after vintage elegance.

Because bronze is not hypoallergenic and can cause skin irritation, the caseback of this watch has been treated to avoid discoloring or reactions of the skin. Tudor really has covered it all!

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze

Two Straps For The Price Of One

We've been seeing a major trend this year with watches having interchangeable straps, and this Black Bay Bronze watch doesn't fall short. When purchasing this brilliant watch, buyers are given two different straps that can be used. The first band (pictured on the left) is a distressed leather strap with a bronze buckle to match the brushed finished of the watch. This strap complements the dial and immediately creates a noticeably mature appearance. The second option (pictured on the right) is a french military inspired fabric strap with a lighter strip down the middle with, again, a bronze buckle. These distinctively different straps give this watch two completely different looks supporting everyday wearability.

The introduction of this striking watch has gained an immense amount of recognition and attention. If you are looking to add an elegant and bold timepiece to your collection, this Tudor Black Bay Bronze watch is the perfect choice.

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