6 Pieces of Unique Beach Jewelry You Need For Summer

Author David Millette
Date Feb 15, 2021

Summer is right around the corner and I for one couldn't be any more excited. During this time of year, the days become are longer, the weather gets warmer, and weekend trips to the beach become frequent.

Whether you want to dress the part when you go to visit the beach, or you just want to be reminded of the beach, beach-theme jewelry is fun, carefree and calming. So if you're the type of person who likes to embrace the summer, read on and take a look at some of the unique beach jewelry that Long's has to offer. Just make sure you remember to take them off if you go in the water!

Nautical Design Inspired Beach Jewelry

When you're shopping for beach jewelry, you want your pieces to be as care free and fun as going to the beach can be. Getting a piece that includes nautical designs is a great way to get you in a state of summer relaxation.

Designs such as anchors, sea creatures, sea shells, and boats are all very popular - probably because you can't help but smile every time you catch a glance of them and are reminded of the ocean! Below you will find some of our favorite jewelry inspired by nautical designs. Even though these pieces are made with precious materials, their ocean inspired designs make them fun and ready for summer.

1) Anchor Charm

14K_Yellow_Gold_Anchor_Charm Summer Beach Jewelry

Price: $75 || ESCH1108

This charm is made from 14K yellow gold and features an anchor and twisting rope design. At $75, this piece is the definition of affordable luxury and is ready to be worn alone on a necklace or added on to your favorite charm bracelet. This item comes from our estate collection, so once it's sold its gone for good!

2) Starfish Earrings

Starfish_Earrings_Diamond_White_Gold Summer Beach Jewelry

Price: $420 || DFE3726

You may not realize how luxurious there earrings are because of their playful starfish design, but don't be fooled. These earrings are made out of 14K white gold and have diamonds pave set into the top side of the creature. Your friends are sure to catch a sparkle, and when they do, they will be sure to compliment your nautical earrings.

3) Shell & Starfish Bracelet

14K_Yellow_Gold_Shell__Starfish_Bracelet Summer Beach Jewelry

Price: $935 || ESBR2122 || Shop Now

If you love the beach and everything that inhabits it, then this bracelet from our estate department is for you. The many shell and sea critter designs are made out of 14K yellow gold and have been carefully crafted with great detail. This bracelet can be worn on its own, but it's also perfect for adding a unique looking layer to a stack of bracelets and bangles.

Nantucket Island Inspired Beach Jewelry

For the people of Massachusetts, there is no beach getaway more famous than the island of Nantucket. This once quiet island was originally home to whaling fleets and made famous as the setting for the classic novel, Moby Dick. This nautical identity has helped to shape the island, as its historical architecture and beautiful landscapes have made it the posterchild for vintage New England seaport towns.

Whether you are one of the lucky few who can call Nantucket home or just a seasonal visitor, show your pride in the island with Nantucket inspired jewelry. There are tons of pieces made to remind people of the island, but some notable trends include the nantucket basket, airport abreviation "ACK," the island, and the inclusion of scrimshaw. The island theme makes them perfect for the beach or any other summer spot.

1) Nantucket Island Pendant

14K_Yellow_Gold_Diamond_Nantucket_Island_Pendant Summer Beach Jewelry

Price: $245 || ESNK2759 || Shop Now

Don't just take home a reminder of the island, take the island itself! This Nantucket Island shaped necklace is made out of 14K yellow gold and features a round cut diamond. It also comes with a 16 1/2 inch cable link chain so it is ready to wear right out of the box. If you like this piece, I recommend you act fast because it is from our estate department!

2) Glenaan Cranberry Basket Bracelet

Nantucket Basket Summer Beach Jewelry

Price: $1,640 || ESBR1887 || Shop Now

The cranberry basket, known as the Nantucket lightship basket by locals, was first created on whaling ships by Nantucket locals. Since its inception, the basket has built an association with the island and become one of Nantucket's most popular symbols. This bracelet from our estate department features Nantucket baskets made from 14K yellow gold that wrap the entirety of the wrist.

3) ACK (Nantucket) Pendant

Heather_Moore_ACK_pendant Summer Beach Jewelry

Price: $2,190 || HCH2182

This piece by Heather Moore was custom designed for Long's Jewelers and is the only one of its kind. It is made of 14K yellow gold and features diamonds on the face of the pendant as well as the loop. Nantucket's airport code "ACK" may be the island's most popular symbol, and has been hand stamped into the piece.

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