Trending: 12 Hoop Earrings We Can't Get Enough Of

Author Veronica Rose
Date Feb 15, 2021

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It's no secret that hoop earrings are one of the hottest trends right now, and they're only picking up steam as we launch into 2020. Hoops have been a fashion favorite for centuries, considered to be one of the oldest forms of jewelry during ancient times and later finding its place as one of the most iconic trends of the 1990's. As all things come and go, so do trends. With that said, hoop earrings are definitely on the rise again.

We've mentioned hoop earrings before but since the demand and popularity has grown so much, we didn't think that would be enough. This is why we are taking the time now to share with you 4 different styles of hoop earrings we know you'll love. Experiment with all four styles below for a fresh new look every time, or pick one style that's truly you and show off your best-self well into the new year.


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Donning some diamond studded hoops are the most elegant way to dress up an outfit - swap out your classic OOTD hoops for diamond hoops and take your look from day to night. There are many different star studded hoops to choose from including big chunky diamonds to small pave diamonds. You can also choose to go a bit more low key without losing the sparkle by opting for a pair of hoops with just one singular diamond, like these 14K Yellow Gold Small Flat Hoops with Diamonds by Lana.


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Don't get it twisted-pun intended-we love a classic pair of round hoops, but opting for some twisted hoops instead can bring some newfound edge and individuality to your look. Twisted hoops are great if you love the look of diamond hoops but don't want to risk losing an ounce of sparkle. The twisted effect allows every diamond to be front and center allowing you to shine bright like a - well, you know.

Classic Gold

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The great thing about a pair of classic plain hoops is that when worn correctly, they can really change up your whole look. Going for a trendy professional vibe? Stick with some classic small hoops. Channeling your inner J.Lo for a night out with the girls? Rock those big hoops. Remember - the larger the hoop, the more casual your look is going to be, so keep this in mind as you style. And when it comes to big hoops, thinner is always better. This is good to know as you transition from professional to chic by the end of the work week.


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It's the beginning of 2020 so new year, new you, right? Take your usual go-to style a step further with one of our unique hoop earrings. There are many different ways to make a pair of hoops more unique, but here are just a few ideas to give you a little trend inspiration. If there was ever a time to take a fashion risk it is definitely now! While everyone is hitting the gym for the first time in months, vowing to read more and use social media less, you can focus your energy on standing out from the rest of the crowd.

The first hoop earrings pictured are diamond studded but unlike the usual diamond hoops, the diamonds are set in clusters of unusual shapes making them beautifully edgy. The second pair of earrings contain three pearls stacked on top of each other adding a whimsical sweetness to a pair of contemporary hoops. Last but not least, the third pair are unique in that they are equal parts yellow gold and equal parts white gold. Interchange them for two looks in one!


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