4 Thoughtful Jewelry Gifts for Your S.O. (That Aren't Engagement Rings!)

Author Taylor Rao
Date Feb 15, 2021


If popping the question isn’t on your to-do list this holiday season, don’t feel like that means jewelry can’t be on your shopping list when it comes to buying gifts for the special woman in your life.

You can still surprise your significant other with a piece of jewelry that is just as sentimental and long-lasting as an engagement ring, it just takes a little creativity and research to find the perfect present. There are so many types of jewelry out there that can deliver a thoughtful, emotional impact without being the milestone piece in your relationship. Keep reading for our top picks this holiday season!

Diamond Earrings


A pair of diamond earrings is a timeless gift, and a type of jewelry that can be worn and admired every day. And it’s true --diamonds are a girl’s best friend no matter where they’re being worn --it’s not limited to just the ring finger.

Diamond studs can add emphasis around the face and draw the eye down to all that sparkle. Not to mention, there are so many different shapes and sizes to choose from, you'll be sure to find one that's special.

Pearl Station Bracelet

Featured Bracelet: 18K Yellow Gold Akoya Cultured Pearl Station Bracelet ($770)

If diamonds tend to trigger the sound of wedding bells for you, a gift of pearl jewelry can be just as sentimental, but without the feeling that “I Do’s” are coming soon. A pearl station bracelet mixes a beautiful white gold chain with the creamy, shine of pearls that sit beautifully on the wrist.

As an easy add on that is sure to complement the look, you can pair the bracelet with a set of pearl studs or drop earrings that show you really did your homework on finding a gorgeous pairing of jewelry that is sure to surprise.

A Classic Watch


The holiday season is all about simplifying things, and a classic watch might be the perfect gift for someone who isn’t into the trend of smart watches and trackable devices for the wrist. And if you’re not sure if the recipient of this timeless gift (pun intended) would prefer gold or silver, find a watch that mixes both yellow gold and steel for a wearable look that complements other jewelry with ease.

Or, for a warmer look that’ll feel worn in the moment it’s on, go with a watch that has a leather strap, like this Rose Gold Runwell 41mm by Shinola. That way, you can switch up the band for future gifts, and choose colors that match their personality and style preference.

Bamboo Band Ring

Featured Rings: Bamboo Band Ring with Diamonds by John Hardy ($350), Bamboo Band Ring by John Hardy ($150)

Now, it might seem like gifting a ring that isn’t an engagement ring isn’t such a great idea, but you don’t have to be down on one knee to deliver this present to your S.O. Rings are a fan favorite when it comes to the fashion jewelry category, and by choosing a unique type of ring like the bamboo band ring, there will be no confusion as to what this gift is all about.

Bamboo band rings are meant to be stackable --which creates versatility in the way they can be worn, as well as the ability to add a few of these in someone’s stocking or pile of presents. These bamboo rings have an inspirational meaning and an interesting backstory, too, which will surely warm some hearts this holiday season.

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