Edgy Fashion Jewelry That Will Rock Your World [Part 1 For Her]

Author Janika Salazar
Date Nov 5, 2015

Rock and Roll Jewelry - Edgy Fashion Jewelry That Will Rock Your World

Valentino Studded Leather... Jimmy Choo Spiked Stiletto's... Alexander McQueen Knuckle Box Clutches. Tell me you don't have a craving to break some rules. That you haven't imagined yourself wearing a cool look to command attention!

I am the first to say that the moment I put on my first fitted leather jacket, I felt like a different woman. The effect then trickled into my every day wardrobe. There's something to be said for the attitude you embrace when you wear stand out pieces. So now, with my jewelry, I am making newly bold choices. Here are my top picks!

#1 - Try a couple of rings on the same hand, i.e. your index finger and ring finger. Look out for gemstones such as black Spinel or black Sapphire. Also keep an eye out for wider designs with an animal, just like a tiger from from John Hardy.

Rock and Roll Jewelry - Edgy Fashion Jewelry That Will Rock Your World
John Hardy Bamboo Ring ($595), John Hardy Macan Ring ($795), David Yurman Lapis Beads ($350) & Onyx Beads ($395)

#2 - I'm a sucker for men's jewelry. I know it sounds crazy, however some of the best pieces I've seen a woman confidently wear seems to have come straight out of a men's GQ look! This is where I recommend a men's watch - you heard me - layered with spiritual beads (See above).

#3 - Lastly, think about a long chain with a dog tag. Always a classic look and takes your look from cool to very cool.

Rock and Roll Jewelry - Edgy Fashion Jewelry That Will Rock Your World
David Yurman 35mm Stone Tablet Necklace ($570), David Yurman Midnight Melange Earrings ($1,950)

Now is the time to step outside of your comfort zone and wear what you really feel. When it comes to a cool bold look - mix it up! Go for jewelry pieces that you wouldn't normally try. You just might find that you welcome the change for it will inspire your new attitude to rock your personal style! #StyleByJanika

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Janika is an Aussie style seeker who calls Boston home, with a passion for traveling the world & following unique street styles from Sydney-London-Paris-New York. She's constantly seeking new inspirations from Pinterest and online blogs by fashion forward women who resist commercial looks. Working with Long's, allows Janika to incorporate a fresh perspective by adding fine jewelry to her own everyday looks.

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