A Charming Locket Affair: Monica Rich Kosann Lockets You'll Fall For

Author Janika Salazar
Date Feb 15, 2021

Have you noticed your curiosity is instantly sparked when you see any kind of locket? My instant reaction is to want to open it... What's inside? Who's the picture of? Will I find out the story or meaning behind it? So many unanswered questions.

It really is amazing how intriguing a beautiful locket can be. The mystery... The secret... The story... After viewing the Monica Rich Kosann collection, I wanted to pass on this secret of a great locket onwards. After all, as women we need to have something that will keep others guessing!

MRK Lockets

Traditionally lockets are quite petite. MRK has not only embraced the petite style, however the designer has enlarged her lockets to switch it up for the modern day woman. The intricate designs on the front and reverse sides, incorporating faceted and unique gemstones with use of metals such as 18K gold and ceramic stone, give these treasures an edge over any other piece of personalized jewelry.

Take a look at these designs and see for yourself.

MRK Lockets
Above: Monica Rich Kosann 18KY Black Ceramic Locket ($5,950), Monica Rich Kosann 18KY Rock Crystal Necklace ($3,450);Below: Roberto Coin Afrikan Ring ($2,400), Michele Deco Yellow Gold Watch ($1,995), Michele Cheetah Patent Leather Strap ($120)

MRK Lockets

I am a preacher of layering with your longer necklaces! So don't be afraid to adapt this new look into your 'go to' style. You will love wearing that charming mystery, that intimate story and why not keep a little secret to yourself in plain sight? #StyleByJanika

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Janika is an Aussie style seeker who calls Boston home, with a passion for traveling the world & following unique street styles from Sydney-London-Paris-New York. She's constantly seeking new inspirations from Pinterest and online blogs by fashion forward women who resist commercial looks. Working with Long's, allows Janika to incorporate a fresh perspective by adding fine jewelry to her own everyday looks.

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