The Top 3 Italian Gold Jewelry Designers In The Industry

Author Janika Salazar
Date Apr 13, 2016

The Top 3 Italian Gold Jewelry Designers In The Industry

The term “gold jewelry” comes with a certain stigma. It’s often underrated and considered heavy, over the top and too shiny. Sound familiar? What if I introduced you to another definition of gold jewelry?

Now picture this: gold that’s light in weight, with perfect dimensions and a sensuous shine. I call this the new gold standard. Italian jewelry designers such as Marco Bicego, Roberto Coin and Hulchi Belluni are handcrafting, with traditional artisan skills, the most desirable pieces we’ve seen yet. Changing the course of history, these Italian designers have re-defined the term “gold” making it fashionable again.

By understanding the woman “on-the-go," her lifestyle needs to be effortless along with her jewelry. Below are my recommendations of must have pieces from these designers that are sure to turn heads this Spring/Summer:

1) Hulchi Bellini

Top 3 Italian Gold Jewelry Designers In The Industry
Featured: Hulchi Belluni 18K Stretch Amour Bracelet ($2,800), Hulchi Belluni 18K Tresore Double Row Stretch Diamond Bar Bracelet ($5,250), Hulchi Belluni 18K Diamond Criss Cross Ring ($7,700)

Hulchi Belluni is an Italian Belgian jewelry brand known for exquisite craftsmanship. The attention to detail and beauty of each jewelry piece has established the designer’s reputation across the globe. Belluni's pieces feature golden jewels set with diamonds in pave and invisible settings.

Perfect for layering is the Bocelli Collection. It’s strikingly modern with hints of diamonds, and the elasticity of these will fit most wrist sizes. You’ll just love how playful you can be when pairing a few of these beauties together.

2) Marco Bicego

Top 3 Italian Gold Jewelry Designers In The Industry
Featured: Marco Bicego Lunaria Ring with Natural Rose Cut Aquamarine ($2,530), Marco Bicego Lunaria Necklace with Natural Rose Cut Aquamarine (call for pricing)

Marco Bicego was established in 1958 in the Venetian region of Italy. The designer is proud of his heritage, creativity and tradition. By using traditional goldsmith techniques, nothing goes unnoticed when creating the look, feel and touch.

The exceptional Lunaria Collection is a must-have. This line is the epitome of elegance and style with the asymmetric design just capturing the light at all angles. What I love is the use of Lapis and Aquamarine throughout different styles. Certainly a collection to add to your own.

3) Roberto Coin

Top 3 Italian Gold Jewelry Designers In The Industry
Featured: Roberto Coin Barocco 18K Ring ($800), Roberto Coin Barocco 18K Ring with Diamonds ($7,400), Roberto Coin Barocco 18K 5 Row Bracelet with Diamonds (call for pricing), Roberto Coin Barocco 18K Earrings with Diamonds ($2,400)

Roberto Coin was born in Vicenza, Italy also known as the “City of Gold." In 1996, Coin began his successful entree by creating luxurious jewelry which became highly sought-after. He has set the benchmark as an innovative and creative leader in the industry today.

Coin's new Barocca Collection will tantalize you to want more. Often seen paired with white and rose gold, this design makes a striking statement all on its’ own.

Now that I have introduced you to these fashion forward brands, here are a few more of my suggestions to complete the look of a perfect glow. Add a little bronzer to your makeup and wear the colors of the season such as Serenity and Rose Quartz. I always recommend to put on a glossy lip to achieve that glowing effect. Your gold jewelry will only enhance your look. Why not add some Italian style to your look and have fun with glowing in gold? #StylebyJanika

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